Flying with Bicycle….

I’m in lower kg and sitting in the front of my papa’s cycle. He says tie up your hair, it’s coming to my face.

I’m in upper kg and I’m lustily looking at the small cycle of my classmate and neighbour’s son at punjabi colony, satyanagar. His mom asks me to try it but I’m too shy.

I’m 7 and trying to ride my papa’s cycle the ” kainchi style”, but before I master it he’s gone…..forever….and so is the cycle.

I’m in tenth and take a bow to learn cycling borrowed from a friend…. oh it’s so easy and the second day I go on a tour from shaheednagar to khandagiri and back. Result…well cramps and more cramps and Ma shouts, ” its yr tenth this year ! No more cycling!” Ever.

I’m in Utkal University and my professor gives some extra lessons on life in class.. thus…. you know to mitigate pollution cycling is the best thing you can do. The slow pace makes you see and appreciate things around you which is difficult while driving. Hmmmm I smile and get lost in the world of dead animals in the jars and on my dissection table.

Life goes on and suddenly I’m 40. My son has a cycle and my daughter too. Their papa has taught them how to.

Then one fine day I simply try…. try to cycle again. My son comes up and suo motu starts giving tips and helps me to have courage and continue .

I zoom the lanes of Nayagarh, my then place of posting, riding over ups and downs with every pedalling filling my heart with joy! Yesss! More than driving, more than riding my scooty, I love cycling . The freedom, the control, the joy it gives ….. it’s the nearest to flying I suppose.

Till date I’m zooming through the roads on my cycle, with my son, most of the mornings…..

With regards
Santoshi Sahoo, OAS
Joint Secretary, Board of Revenue

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