FLO & SO AM I Foundation collaborate for DISHANTIKA 2023 Workshop to Eliminate Inequality & Bridge Class Divide among Children


Bhubaneswar : FICCI FLO, the Ladies Organization of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI),in partnership with the SO AM I Foundationorganized the much-anticipated DISHANTIKA 2023 Workshop for children. The workshop aimed to bridge the class divide, discrimination, and inequality that children face in today’s society. The event was held in Bhubaneswar on 8th and 9th June and in Baripada on 17th June.

Poonam Mohapatra, Chairperson of FLO Bhubaneswar said, “Since its inception in 2013, DISHANTIKA has brought together children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, fostering compassion, selfless service, and the joy of sharing. We believe our collaboration with SO AM I Foundation will give this workshop a new direction and help more children.”

Pinaki Mohanty, Founder of SO AM I stated, “Children in their growing years don’t deserve to be subjected to disparity based on the earnings of their family members, as we never know what future they behold. DISHANTIKA aims to create an inclusive society where all children have equal opportunities to thrive.”

The workshop in Bhubaneswar took place at Utkal Galleria, bringing together various groups such as FLO, YI, and Art of Living. The event accommodated 80 children, including 65 underprivileged and 15 privileged children, fostering empathy and understanding without forming biases. The event was graced by Ollywood actor Akash Das Nayak.

In Baripada, the workshop was held at the Rotary club premises, providing an opportunity for 50 children from different socio-economic backgrounds to participate. The workshop was arranged by Mrs. Shyamali Pattanaik, District Coordinator of Mayurbhanj, along with Saiprakash Mohanty, the founder of ORD Organization, Mayurbhanj. The Maharani of Mayurbhanj, Maharani RajlaxmiDevi and FLO member Shyama Jha were present to witness the event and encouraged the children to fulfil their dreams and distributed valuable books among the kids.

The workshop offered a wide range of engaging activities, including art of living sessions, captivating storytelling, informative workshops on child safety, lively dance sessions, and more. FLO distributed gifts among the children as a gesture of goodwill.

Notably,FICCI FLOis a national organization focused on empowering women and promoting their participation in economic and social development. FLO works towards creating a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders across various industries.

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