Filmmaker Sthita Pattnaik Launches 5 New Models In Tarang Music’s ‘Mu Je Eka Pagala Bhanra’

By Roy

Odia filmmaker Sthita Pattnaik has made the video album of the classic song ‘Mu Je Eka Pagala Bhanra’ with the Tarang Music label. Earlier recreated by Goodly Rath, the song was performed by Manas Pritam at Denver Studios. The video features actor Ankit Mohanty aka Ronny and five debutant actresses Sefali, Punyotaya, Smruti Rekha, Devangini, and Lipsa.

About the making of the song, Sthita says, “We haven’t re-recorded the song. It’s the same song by Manas that we have taken. He is quite happy about the project as he wanted something like this to be made.”

“I have featured fresh faces in this song. In fact, I have been working with new talents for the past year comfortably. As a music director, I feel that it is my responsibility to give space that newcomers in the industry. For the lead role, I needed a wealthy guy. So I went on talking to Ankit Mohanty. And then we started with grooming and makeover of Ankit. Simultaneously, we began with shortlisting models for the song as well. Since it’s their first big project, they have worked quite religiously.

Ankit is named as ‘Trending Star’ Ronny. With the way he looks, his body of work, the manner he carries, we expect that we will be getting a good actor in near future. The girls in the videos have also worked well. This new generation is intelligent and has that hunger to work. So it’s a challenge for the established people in the industry,” he comments.

The video had been shot before lockdown but the post-production work has been done during the period.

Sthita narrates about the commencement of the project while saying, “A few days ago, the head of Tarang Music Mr. Shyama Prasad Mishra had a word with me about directing a music video for the label. He had given me a few songs out of which I chose this particular one to work on. There is no proper video of ‘Mu Je Eka Pagala Bhanra’ on YouTube. So, I thought, if I make it into a video, this would appear as the first search result. Then the rest of the process started.”

“It is really important to make good music reach to people. Nowadays, Instagram reels are the biggest medium in that regard. But a musician should not make a song purposely for a reel. His purpose should be to make good songs. If the content will be good, the audience will listen anyway. Cinematic liberty will be reflected in a music video only when the lyrics will be good. When I make a new song or music, lyrics matter the most to me. Because they narrate the story. Commercial success comes last in my priority list,” says Sthita.

The song features trending star Ankit Mohanty and five fresh faces alongside him. Ankit is seen romancing five gorgeous actresses in the video who opine us about their experience throughout the song.


“I had to start from somewhere. And Sthita Patnaik is a big name in the industry. So when I was offered the opportunity, I thought it’s worth the risk. However, we were slightly briefed about our roles in the video. I remember, some shifts and changes were going on until the last minute. I even didn’t know that Ankit is going to be there until I saw him in the group discussion. I didn’t know Punyota because she is not from a modeling background. And Shivani (makeup artist) had approached other three girls after asking me if I am comfortable with them,” says Sefali.

She continues, “On the day of the shoot, I and Shivani reached the location around 4 am. It was my first shot that you see in the video. I do not do such bold scenes. I am also lazy a bit to check insta and emails for work. I have gotten most of my projects through Shivani. So whenever she used to get such offers for me, she used to refuse. But here, I didn’t know until the end moment that such a scene is there. I was asked to shoot it with a white shirt, and then a tube top and jeans. And it’s my tendency that if I take up some work, I try to finish with finesse.

There were many other scenes that I was supposed to do but I was told at a point that my sequence is done and those scenes have been enacted by other actresses in the video. But overall, I believe we all enjoyed working on the video. It was a whole new experience for us. I hope people will like the song as well.”

Smruti Rekha

Smruti Rekha says, “I got into the project four days ago it went on the floor. Through my makeup artist Shivani I got to know about Sthita Sir’s music video project.

There was a sequence in the video where I and Ronny were supposed to shoot inside a swimming pool. I have hydrophobia, and at one point we both accidentally almost got drowned in it. But after that, I continued the shoot normally. Though it was my first time in front of the camera, I didn’t feel any hesitation. It all went smoothly.”


“This is my debut song. Though before this I have worked in advertisements as well. But since the song was coming under such a big banner like Tarang, I couldn’t say a no to it.

I was at home when I got a call from Shivani (make-up artist) who mentioned to me about this project happening. Then she patched me to Sthita Patnaik sir. He asked me to meet within one hour. That’s how I got this song,” remarked Lipsa.


Punyotaya has worked as a child artist in the industry. She sums up, “Earlier, I was in talking terms with Sthita sir for a different project but unfortunately I couldn’t do it due to unavoidable reasons at that time. Then one fine day I get a call from him and he offers me to work in ‘Mun Je Eka Pagala Bhanra’. I said that this is a very beautiful song and I would love to debut through this. Working with Sthita sir and Tarang music is like a dream come true.

Portraying that character in the song was no less than a challenge for me. But I was confident that I will pull it off well. I was featured with four other actresses in the video. So if I could make my character noticeable, that I have made a win. I am glad that I have played two sides of a character.

I have got featured in many regional dance reality shows that eventually brought me into acting. I am a trained Odissi dancer too. As a child artist, I hosted a show. Then I did an Odia tv serial called Urmila for DD national. I have done a movie called ‘Jouthi tu seithi mu’ which was bilingual. Then I took a break for my studies and matriculation. Now again after graduation, I am restarting.”


Devangini narrates her experience as, “I got to know about this project through my makeup artist Shivani. As I am a student I have to manage between my shoots and online classes. On the day of the shoot, I had attended my classes and went for it.

I was already briefed about the video and the rest of the cast. Since I have been very open-minded since childhood, I never felt awkward doing such bold scenes on screen. I am unsure about doing album songs in the future. But I am preparing to get into advertisements.”

About working with Ankit, she says, “It was a nice experience working with Ankit. He is a good co-star to share the screen with.”

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