Film Critic Komal Nahta Speaks About Real Behind The Reel


Dark clouds are hovering over bollywood post Sushant’s infelicitous incident. Charges on nepotism, favoritism, outsiders, and hashtags like #boycottbollywood are trending on social media. As the senior journalist and renowned film critic Komal Nahta states, all such things are trivializing the death of a great actor like Sushant. “Few people term that nepotism is the reason. But he has not said or mentioned it anywhere. There’s no concrete proof for any argument,” said Nahta.

According to police’s statment, Sushant was suffering from clinical depression. However, it has been alleged that he was being boycotted from the industry, treated as an outsider, and wasn’t getting offers to work. Nahta states, “It is not like Sushant was not getting films. Rather he was leaving projects. Recently, he had denied to work with Aditya Chopra in a three film contract. If he would have been boycotted, he wouldn’t be getting film offers. He was supposed to do films with Sajid Nadiadwala, Vashu Bhagnani, Rasul Pookutty who is an Oscar winning artist.”

Certain people like Manoj Bajpai and Amit Sadh have forgotten that how much fame and recognition they have got in this industry. If nepotism had been the only reason, then artists like them, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan would not have become successful. These people have imagined that they could have become more successful if star kids wouldn’t have been there. Though Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor are star kids, there is no other artist like them in the industry. And everybody will agree to this.”

Many people have coined the word outsiders for the people without a film background for no specific reason. “There is nothing like an outsider. This industry is a free place and has welcomed everyone. A producer will see for his profit, otherwise why he would invest money and on that basis, an artist would be selected. Its a commercial enterprise which has build the careers of several artists. How can they speak against it. If they have any problem, they can make a film, invest their money, its a free industry. There is no panel discussions and debates for other industries. And certain such people are cursing this industry which actually has given them an identity.
An actor is singed on the basis of his talent, personality, character requirement, looks and on the rate of commercial recovery.
In bollywood, the star kids who were undeserving didn’t get to work further. Nepotism is not ruining bollywood, it is here as much as it is in other industries.”

There are several controversies rising up about awards and recognitions. But according to Komal Nahta, its the talent that builds one’s career. ” Awards are just ego boosters for a while. People don’t remember, nor the fraternity. Those who are talking about awards, they do not know about the recognitions Sushant has got. Even if they know, they won’t bring out this topic because it won’t match to their baseless arguments.
Sushant could not do the film ‘Hate Story’ with Vivek Agnihotri because he was restricted with a contract with Ekta Kapoor for ‘Pavitra Rishta’ which is totally justified.
On my show everybody of the industry is welcomed. Behind the scene people, on camera artists etc whoever has a good story to narrate. The industry runs with their collective efforts,” Nahta signs off.

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