EBW opened one store in Bhubaneshwar , introductory offer for all bikers

Bhubaneswar: EBW has opened one store in Bhubaneshwar and has an introductory offer for all bikers – bike wash for Rs. 40/- only for your first wash.

Started with just one outlet in 2015 and one machine serving an OEM service station, EBW has grown exponentially in a short span of two years. They have expanded and today are operational in 5 other countries, namely – Colombia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Thailand & Nepal along with having over 20 stores across the length and breadth of India. Being a ‘Made in India’ brand, EBW has been designed, developed and manufactured in-house and has successfully serviced over 10 lakh bikers till date.

Along with providing the fastest bike wash service – 2-5 mins per bike, and using only 10 liters of water per bike, the EBW machine has an in-built recycling component which cleverly recycles the water till it is deemed unfit for further use. In-total, the company has been able to save 12 million liters of water in the last two years and developed greener surroundings around their outlets across destinations.

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