“DPCL today is indeed an Island of Excellence”

Dhamra: The above lines echo the growth story of Dhamra which used to be a hamlet cocooned between sleepy fishing villages where the locals always believed in teamwork, sharing skill sets and working harmoniously with a continuous flow of fearless vigor. The air around boasts of a juxtaposition of myriad talents stitched into a pool of kaleidoscopic attributes of positive mindset.

When Dhamra Port Company Limited (DPCL) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Adani Ports &SEZ, the search for a workforce with a hunger to be the fulcrum of the Port had its own story to tell. The gush of talent willing to work in the port requires even greater professionalism, specialization, safety, stability and competences. All of these were matched by the motto “WILL TO WIN, SKILL TO WIN” and duly engaged to be the partners in progress.

Today, DPCL has had a paradigm shift in its approach and has upgraded its fundamental attributes due to technical metamorphosis and the high degree of cybernation processes superlative quality instructions and guidance tools. All of these were quickly absorbed by the very same locals who have been engaged to be a part of the Port activities. The success of the Port has been its willingness to challenge its achievements and strive to be the largest port in the eastern part of the country.

The Port today triumphantly thrives on a superior workforce which works with seamless energy, combined with the industrious team of local people endorsed by the stakeholders who have contributed to the success story of Dhamra Port. Meticulous planning, combined with state-of-the-art technology has helped in synchronized efforts in symbolizing a well built and a robust ecosystem which has been self-reliant and help to sustain an all-weather port, which can withstand severe weather conditions, and still maintain uninterrupted services against all odds.

It has been a genuine show of strength by DPCL to put across its best effort and ensure its worthiness to prove that it will challenge all its acme which it achieves year on year. Today, this Port is a motivational value for the future aspirants of India who wish to bring forth a visionary value and contribute to the GDP growth of the country.

Today, the Port Periphery is convinced with the realization that they have been assigned a role in the task of nation-building; the realization which encourages them to put their hearts into fulfilling the commitment. Whatever is done by DPCL towards nation-building affects the whole society —the young and the old alike. With the required qualities of honesty, intelligence and leadership, the community at large are genuinely involved, and are always prepared to work sincerely for the overall welfare.  More than 90% of the local youth are trained in vocational streams and are being allowed to develop scientific tempers. DPCL always ensure that it inject a fresh vigor into youthfulness, arouse their confidence and develop a sense of honor, an appreciation for their cultural heritage and finally, a patriotic fervor and aspire to construct a healthy and strong India.

At DPCL, it is seamlessly synchronizing efforts to ensure all functions are duty bound to ensure safety, sanctity and well-being of all workforce & stakeholders engaging in day-to-day operations.  The Port’s inherent strength has always been backed by its capability of developing or retaining competitive advantages. One such example of unmatched cohesiveness is the ability to create a new milestone in the DPCL-railway department by handling 8726 inward and outward rakes in the financial year 2023-24. These rakes if placed one behind another, is a whooping 6108 kms, which is nearly the distance from Chandigarh to Kanyakumari and back. This achievement underscores the fact that at adani ports, meticulous planning and inter-departmental synchronization has always played a key role in ensuring success and breaking records year after year. In the financial year 2023-24, The Dhamra Port Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of APSEZ, achieved its highest cargo handling of 42.81 MMT cargo throughput in the financial year 2023-24. This milestone marks its best performance since the port’s inception. This year Dhamra Port added LNG terminal facility, which is best in the class. The terminal can berth the widest range of LNG vessels all year round, transport gas via pipelines, trucks or on reloaded vessels.

DPCL also achieved a growth of 37%, over last FY 2022-23, this milestone achieved is a testimony of the port preparedness by handling higher volume in a short time through resilience, accepting the challenge and meeting best throughput. This inclusive growth has been catalyzed by various stakeholders including Indian Railways, the Customs Dept, Immigration Dept, District Administrations with their trust, relentless works, and collaborative approach. The eco-system developed is giving greater strength in the future growth of Dhamra Port, marching towards 100 MMT port in next few years. Adani Foundation at Dhamra, strives to create sustainable opportunities by facilitating quality education, enabling youth with income generating skills, promoting healthy society and supporting infrastructure development.

Customers have expressed their great satisfaction & confidence through long-term service agreements and increasing higher volumes at Dhamra Port on Y-O-Y basis. Today, Dhamra is one of the deep draft ports of India which can accommodate super cape-size vessels. It is an all-weather, multi-user, multi-cargo port poised to become the largest and most-efficient port in the east coast of India. Situated between Haldia and Paradip, Dhamra Port is in the proximity to the mineral belt of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal and offers deepened hinterland connectivity and operational efficiency.

“DPCL today is indeed an Island of Excellence”

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