DLF Malls kicks off the festive season with the first ever ‘DLF Malls Shopping Festival’

 New Delhi: In the spirit of the festive season, DLF Malls, a pioneer in India’s retail space has announced its first ever ‘Shopping Festival’ which is set to commence from the 20th of October 2023 till the 19th of November 2023, across the Malls. This one-of-a-kind shopping extravaganza will offer a unique opportunity for retail enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy a refreshing retail experience across a wide range of brands and the latest fashion lines to shop from, alongside culinary delights and entertainment. This initiative underscores DLF’s dedication to its shoppers, offering not just a holistic shopping experience but also a selection of appealing offers across its distinguished mall portfolio, which includes DLF Mall of India, DLF Promenade, DLF Avenue, and DLF CyberHub.

As part of the Shopping Festival, DLF Malls has unveiled an exciting initiative filled with delightful surprises, sure to captivate all patrons. Customers can stand a chance to win the all-new iPhone 15, the sleek and stylish Samsung Flip 5, a Mahindra Jawa Yezdi Bike, or even an OSIM uRegal Luxury Massage Chair! Additionally, shoppers can satisfy their taste buds with tempting food vouchers and indulge in delectable cuisines. Movie tickets are also on offer for cinephiles, ensuring entertainment for everyone during the DLF Malls Shopping Festival.

Commenting on this, Ms. Pushpa Bector, Senior Executive Director, DLF Retail said, “The DLF Malls Shopping Festival is a testament to our commitment to infuse fun, excitement, and exclusive rewards into the retail, dining, and entertainment experience for our customers. The plethora of enticing offers across our properties is dedicated to making retail not just enjoyable, but highly rewarding for all our valued patrons, as we continue our pursuit of taking these experiences to the next level. Marking this inaugural Shopping Festival as the first of many to come by DLF Malls, we take immense pleasure in setting a new benchmark for an elevated and holistic mall experience. With the festive season upon us, we look forward to achieving new milestones across the retail landscape in the country.”

As part of the DLF Malls Shopping Festival, the following offers will be available to patrons across the properties:

  1. DLF Mall of India
    1. Hero Offers
  1.          Stand a chance to enter the Lucky Draw to win a Mahindra Jawa Yezdi Bike on Shopping of ₹30,000 and above
    1. Other offers
  1.          The Highest Shopper every week wins a Diwali Gift Hamper worth ₹15,000
  2.        Get Vouchers worth ₹5,000 on Shopping of ₹20,000

  1. DLF Promenade
    1. Hero Offers
  1.          Highest Shopper wins an OSIM uRegal Luxury Massage Chair worth ₹3 Lacs
  2.        2nd Highest Shopper to win a Modular Home Bar from Speedx Bars worth ₹1 Lac

                                                           iii.      3rd Highest Shopper to win a Samsung S21 FE worth ₹50,000

  1.        4th Highest Shopper to win a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner worth ₹40,000
  2.        Tanishq Gold Coin to be won for Dhanteras
    1. Other offers
  1.          Get Vouchers worth ₹10,000 on Shopping of ₹20,000
  2.        Get 2 PVR Movie Tickets & Freebies on Shopping above ₹10,000

                                                           iii.      Get other Products/Vouchers on Shopping above ₹5,000


  1. DLF Avenue
    1. Hero Offers
  1.          Highest Shopper wins an all-new iPhone 15
  2.        2nd Highest Shopper wins Gold Jewellery from Melorra worth ₹50,000

                                                           iii.      3rd Highest Shopper wins Gold Jewellery from Melorra worth ₹30,000

  1.        10 Highest Shoppers win Holidays from Club Mahindra
    1. Other Offers
  1.          Get Vouchers worth ₹5,000 & Complimentary Dining at COMMONS on Shopping of ₹50,000
  2.        Get Vouchers worth ₹2,500 & Complimentary Dining at COMMONS on Shopping of ₹25,000

                                                           iii.      Get Vouchers worth ₹1,500 on Shopping of ₹15,000

  1.        Get Couple Movie Tickets & Freebies with every registration

  1. DLF CyberHub (offers below are valid till 30th October, 2023)
    1. Hero Offers
  1.          Stand a chance to win a New Skoda Slavia on Shopping of ₹50,000 and above
  2.        Highest Shopper every week wins a Samsung Flip 5
    1. Other offers
  1.          Get Food Vouchers worth ₹6,000 on Shopping of ₹30,000 and above
  2.        Get Food Vouchers worth ₹4,000 on Shopping of ₹20,000 and above

                                                           iii.      Get Food Vouchers worth ₹2,000 on Shopping of ₹10,000 and above

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