Distribution of Blankets under Tata Volunteering Week

Joda: Under the 12th edition of Tata Volunteering week, Tata Steel officials of Khondbond Iron Mine distributed 500 blankets to the residents of Khondbond and Guruda village on Monday.

Mr Shirish Shekhar, Chief, Khondbond (Tata Steel) along with Mr K Ramakrishna, Head (Wet Processing) O&M (KIM), Mr R P S Yadav, Head, Equipment (KIM) and other officers of Khondbond Iron Mine and Tata Steel Rural Development Society participated in the event.

Apart from distributing the blankets, the officials also organized an awareness session on personal hygiene and cleanliness. During the session, the officials informed the villagers on various aspects of cleanliness and personal hygiene and its impact on good health.

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