Dentist Arrested in Jajpur, Odisha, in Connection with Alleged Drug Racket

In a significant crackdown on illicit drug activities, the Jajpur town police apprehended three individuals, including a dentist, for their alleged involvement in a narcotics racket within Odisha’s Jajpur district.

Dr. Nigamananda Khatua, identified as the dentist, along with Sandip Kumar Mallick from Sundarimuhan and Ratnakar Dixit from Siddheswar, were taken into custody by the authorities.

The operation unfolded following a tip-off received by the Jajpur town police, prompting them to conduct a targeted raid near Sundari Muhan Chhhak in the district headquarters town. During the raid conducted on Wednesday evening, Mallick and Dikshit were found in possession of 25 grams of brown sugar.

The arrests mark a significant stride in the ongoing efforts to curb drug-related activities in the region, underscoring the collaborative actions taken by law enforcement to address such illicit practices within Odisha. The investigation into the alleged drug racket is ongoing, with authorities committed to unraveling further details surrounding the case.

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