Daddy’s daughter will express a father’s emotions for his daughter: Abhimanyu Chauhan

Mumbai: Director Abhimanyu Chauhan, who is busy promoting his upcoming film Daddy’s daughter during a promotional interview said, Daddy’s daughter will express a father’s emotions for his daughter.

“People should watch this film because it talks about what you are feeling as a father and what your daughter may not understand and that she will be able to understand through this film. We haven’t added any commercial aspect to the film since we didn’t want to hamper the story of the essence of the film,” said Abhimanyu during an interview.

Chauhan was asked how he managed to get people to accept the film in an industry which runs on commercial aspects, he said, “Actually in today’s date, people are very content driven, there is no fixed story that they want to see. They actually encourage different stories. This film is made keeping these things in mind when you watch the film it will make you wonder if such things are happening in your life. Your life will be reflected in the film.

And whenever I spoke about the film with anyone they have always appreciated the subject and have developed an attachment to the film.”

When asked how his career began in Mumbai and what he was doing before, Abhimanyu said, “In 1996 I was in Lucknow practicing theatre arts, eventually I realized the work I was doing was repetitive. I wanted to do something more and different so I decided to move to Mumbai. This is the place where creative work is appreciated. I started working towards my career.”

The film is directed and written by Abhimanyu RS Chauhan based on father and daughter relationship. It gives the audience a very strong message with great entertainment.

It is also about a teenage love story. – A teenage girl trapped in the fake love of some goons – and how she manages to escape from the trap is the interesting story to watch every teenage girl.

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