Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Institute inaugurated in Talcher to Upskill and Reskill the Youth

Commercial Vehicle Driving Institute is a symbol of profound transformation in our region: Dr. Mridula Thakur Pradhan 

Talcher’s New Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Institute Sets Stage for Skilled Driver Development and Economic Growth


TalcherTo propel the pace of skilling and ensure that India’s talent is skilled, reskilled and upskilled in relevant and new-age trades, Talcher today got its very own Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Institute, setting the stage for skilled driver development, increasing the employability of Talcher’s youth in the respective profession.


Dr. Mridula Thakur Pradhan, Chairperson, Vikash Foundation Trust, inaugurated the institute today.

Aligned with the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of positioning India as a global Skill Hub, this institute aims to revolutionize the perception of driving as a profession. The collaboration between NSDC, Skill India, LINDE, and LSC underscores a concerted effort towards addressing the burgeoning demand for skilled heavy vehicle drivers. This strategic alliance sets the stage for a monumental leap forward in nurturing a skilled workforce and driving local economic growth.


At the heart of this initiative lies an innovative heavy vehicle test driving track-V, poised to harness the region’s immense potential. By equipping drivers with the state-of-the-art training facilities and streamlining the licensing process, the institute aims to empower Talcher’s driver community and enhance their economic prospects.


Speaking during the inauguration, Dr. Mridula Thakur Pradhan, Chairperson, Vikash Foundation Trust, said “Today marks a historic moment as we inaugurate the Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Institute in Talcher, a symbol of profound transformation in our region. This institute stands as a beacon of hope, reshaping the driving profession and elevating its status in the society. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our institute pledges to cultivate drivers who not only excel locally but also on the global stage.


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi and our esteemed collaborators, including NSDC, Skill India, LINDE, and LSC, for their invaluable support in realizing this transformative endeavor. Among its groundbreaking features, the installation of India’s first left-hand simulator at the institute underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence in driver training. Together, we embark on a journey towards a future where drivers are not just skilled professionals but esteemed contributors to our society’s fabric.”She added.


The event was also graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Shri Ravikanth Yamarathi, CEO, Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC), and Shri Ankur Desai, Head of Distribution, Linde South Asia.


Talcher, known as a mining hub, now takes a bold stride towards transforming the driving profession with the inauguration of the Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Institute. The institute’s comprehensive approach extends beyond conventional training, with offerings such as drone training programs, truck testing facilities and more. Central to its mission is the advanced Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) driving simulator, promoting road safety, and equipping drivers with essential skills.


Led by the Logistics Sector Skill Council and endorsed by government agencies and industry bodies, this initiative underscores a collective commitment to advancing skill development and fostering economic growth in Talcher, Odisha.


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