CM Naveen Patnaik Inaugurates Mission Shakti Bazar in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: CM Naveen Patnaik Inaugurates #MissionShakti Bazar in #Bhubaneswar, Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Rural and Semi-Urban Areas of #Odisha under the #5T Initiative. Owned and operated by Khordha Matrushakti Farmers Producers (KMFP) Company, the state-of-the-art boutique store showcases curated @mission_shakti SHG products from across the state, fostering sustainable livelihoods.

With nearly 200 SHGs, Producer Groups, and Producer Companies as shareholders, KMFP Company ensures an inclusive ownership structure, aiming to involve lakhs of women in women-led and women-run businesses in #Odisha. Kalgudi serves as the technical service agency to support the producer company.

#MissionShakti Bazar sources farm and non-farm products from #SHGs, offering a diverse range including Dhinki-Kuta rice, Kandhamal Haldi, Kotpad sarees, Dongria shawls, dhokra crafts, handmade kansa cutlery items, golden grass, and more. The bazar’s e-commerce portal further encourages women entrepreneurship through online ventures, ensuring sustainable markets and competitive prices.

This initiative not only provides a sales platform but also promotes product standardization and value chain building, empowering producer SHGs with better prices and market access. #Empowerment #WomenEntrepreneurs

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