CM Naveen Patnaik announces the establishment of Holy Mohan Pradhan Smriti Peetha

The leading charioteer of the Odisha Prajamandal movement, the former deputy chief minister, the great fighter Shalvi Mohan Pradhan played a major role in the political and social movements of Odisha after independence. Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik has announced that in honor of the memory of that great fighter, the Holy Mohan Pradhan Smriti Peetha will be developed in Talcher and a full size statue of him will be installed in Bhubaneswar.

Along with this, the Chief Minister has decided to name Talcher Medical College and Hospital after him. Similarly, the bridge under construction over Brahmani River at Kaniha will also be named after the late Pradhan.

It is worth noting that during the visit of the 5th Secretary Mr. VK Pandian, the local people proposed to name the Medical College Hospital after him to preserve the memory of the great fighter Sanghat Pradhan. The Chief Minister has taken this decision respecting the wishes of the people.

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