Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Announces Benefits for Mathematics Teachers in Odisha

Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik has taken some important decisions for the teachers of the state today. 12,113 mathematics teachers of the state will be benefited by this decision. According to the decision of the Chief Minister, the teachers who have passed OTET will be regularized as Med Teachers (Ex Cadre). 1472 teachers of the state benefited from this. Similarly, the monthly gratuity of teachers who have not passed OTET has been increased from Rs.7 thousand to Rs.10 thousand. 1121 mathematics teachers benefited from this. In addition to these Assistant Teachers (Ex Cadre) who are not getting annual increment, the Assistant Teachers (Ex Cadre) who have passed OTET will be given annual increment. This will benefit 9520 assistant teachers (ex-cadre). During the district patrol of 5 and Naveen Odisha Chairman and Kartik Pandian, the mass teachers requested and proposed for this at different places. Taking this proposal into consideration, the Chief Minister has taken a decision.

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