Centre directs States to enforce strict implementation of #lockdown

New Delhi: Centre directs States to enforce strict implementation of lockdown. Cabinet secretary and MHA are in constant touch with State Chief Secretaries and DGPs.

Video Conferences were held by Cabinet Secretary & Home Secretary yesterday evening and today morning with Chief Secretaries & DGPs. Keycap asterisk It was noted that, by and large, there has been effective Implementation of guidelines across all states and UTs.

Essential supplies have also been maintained. Right pointing backhand indexSituation is being monitored round the clock and necessary measures are being taken as required. Directions were issued that district and state borders should be effectively sealed. Right pointing backhand indexStates were directed to ensure there is no movement of people across cities or on highways. Only movement of goods should be allowed.

Adequate arrangements for food and shelter of poor and needy people including migrant laborers be made at the place of their work. Right pointing backhand indexCentre issued orders for use of #SDRF funds for this purpose. Sufficient funds are available with States .

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