Central University of Odisha Researchers findsStress-tolerant Ragi from Koraput

Bhubaneswar: Researchers from Central University of Odisha identified someStress registrant local Finger millet (Ragi) cultivated by the tribal farmers of Koraput district that showed superior drought tolerance capacity. These stress registrant Ragi might be reliable food security crops for tribal people of the localityduring climate change.
The Researchers identified six local finger millet variety:Ladu, Lala, Bati, Biri, Tumuka and Bhaluhaving superior drought tolerance capacity compared to the improved variety Bhairabi, Chillika, Arjuna (developed by OUAT, Bhubaneswar)and GPU 28 (developed from GKVK, Bangalore, Karnataka). These variety require less water and maintain better photosynthesis and growth under water deficit condition. Genetic analysis and DNA profiling these genotypes confirmed the presence of one or more tolerant gene to drought and that can be used for breeding program for the development of new varieties.
The research was conducted by Dr Debabrata Panda, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources at the Central University of Odisha on climate resilience traits of local finger millet from Koraputalong his student Aloukika Panda and scientists from Swaminathan foundation, JeyporeDr. Kartik Charan Lenka.
Recently, their findings of Research published in the Journal of Plant Physiology Report, an International Reputed Pear reviewed Springer Link Journal on 11 August 2023.
Dr. Panda said Now-a-days due to modern agricultural practices and green revolution these traditional Ragi varieties are being gradually depleted. It is high time that we take necessary steps to conserve these valuable landraces of Ragi in their natural habitat. These superior nativeragi varieties should be popularised for climate resilience breeding programs for the development of new varieties to address food security said by Dr.Panda.

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