Central University of Odisha Hosts Lectures by Renowned Mentor for Civil Service Aspirants

The Central University of Odisha recently organized a series of lectures aimed at guiding civil service aspirants towards success. The esteemed mentor, Dr. P.N. Jha, Founding Director of Toppers IAS, New Delhi, graced the occasion to share invaluable insights with students.

The first lecture, held on March 13th, 2024, at the Department of Sociology, delved into the topic “Sociology: Safe, Secure, Scoring Optional for Civil Service Exams.” Following this, the second lecture took place on March 14th, 2024, at the Shaheed Laxman Nayak Civil Service Coaching Centre (SLN-CEC), Similiguda, focusing on “Preparation of Civil Services and Choosing Optional Papers.”

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi, extended his best wishes, expressing hope that students would glean various techniques and insights to excel in the Civil Service Examinations.

Dr. P.N. Jha, the Invited Speaker, enlightened students on the advantages of selecting Sociology as an optional subject in the Main Examination of the Civil Services. Emphasizing a deeper understanding of people and cultures, he highlighted the subject’s overlap with other exam papers, making it a scoring option. He also shared strategies for effective preparation, stressing the importance of a realistic approach, time-bound syllabus coverage, and honing answer-writing skills.

The sessions were highly productive, focusing on the fundamentals of UPSC preparation and the art of selecting optional papers. Dr. Jha underscored the significance of commencing preparation from a mains perspective and the importance of both smart and hard work, encapsulated by the acronym “SMART” – Specific, Measure, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Dr. Deepthi Shanker, Associate Professor, spearheaded the event at the Department of Sociology, with support from faculty members Dr. Nupur Pattanaik, Dr. Elisa Mohanty, Dr. Saubhagya Laxmi Singh, Dr. Aditya Keshari Mishra, and Dr. Manas Ranjan Mallick. At SLN-CEC Semiliguda, Dr. Chandra Khemundu, along with Ms. Ahalya Kandulphul, coordinated the session. Dr. Kapila Khemundu, Associate Professor, HoD, Dept. of Sociology, and Course Director of SLN-CEC presided over the two sessions.

Dr. P.N. Jha, a distinguished figure with over 25 years of experience in guiding Civil Services aspirants, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As the founding director of ‘IAS Toppers’, New Delhi, he has left an indelible mark on the field, having taught at esteemed institutions such as Chanakya IAS Academy, New Delhi, and worked with top Civil Services Coaching centers across India. Additionally, Dr. Jha has been actively involved in consultation work with prestigious universities like BHU, AMU, Jamia, and numerous others, particularly focusing on coaching for SC, ST, and Women categories students.


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