Banning condom ads is a self-defeating move: Karan Oberoi

Mumbai: The long going debate over the telecast of condom advertisements came to an end after the information and broadcasting ministry banned its airing between 6 am and 10 pm. The decision, which is being considered to be regressive and counterproductive, was taken in view of the children who might get negatively influenced by the sexually explicit content. However, Karan Oberoi totally condemns the decision thereby considering it ‘unthoughtful’.
Speaking of the same, he sarcastically pointed about how condom advertisements have been the necessity for us. “ Wowww !!! banning what should have stopped us years ago to populate the country to the brink of poverty, underdevelopment, and lack of jobs and opportunities. Is that exactly the need of this hour? Why can’t people understand that for a nation like India- which is finding it difficult to provide basic services to its populace- awareness about condoms is extremely important?
He further question that isn’t 1.25 billion people enough as a glaring statistic of what should be our first line of defence to safeguard this nation?
Elaborating further, he mentioned, “Considering our sheepish attitude towards anything related to sex that leads to spreading of wrong information, as well as the increasing number of cases of unwanted pregnancies and sexual diseases, altogether makes it even more necessary to educate the people on the subject.”
That’s true to an extent because the ban would not only obstruct the dissemination of information among the adults but also the ‘children’ above 17, who might get engaged in sexual relations sooner or later. Lack of awareness will only worsen the situation for them.
“Still, if you want to ban something, ban the item songs where a woman is seen as a commodity. Ban misinformation about sexual practices. Because banning a condom advertisement is in a way self-defeating move,” he concluded.

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