Awareness Programme by Adani Foundation on Arthritis & Dengue

Dhamra: With the collaboration of Adani Foundation and Helpage India awareness programme on Arthritis, Jaundice and Dengue is being conducted at various panchayats of Chandbali and Tihidi block of Bhadrak district. Adani Foundation officials have made two teams of doctors to continue the awareness programme in various villages to fight with the periodical diseases. Basically how to save from Jaundice like use of pipe water or deep bore well water, use bleaching powder in wells and tube wells for purification, patient’s clothes should not be washed near water resources used by common people, boil the water for 15 minutes and use halogen tablet in water, should not eat stale food, use toilets, wash hands before having any meal are some of the measures should be taken as advised by the doctor’s team.

The team also suggested the symptoms of Arthritis seen in old age people to the villagers like pain in knee, constipation, laziness, feeling colder, less sweating, muscles shivering, dark-circle in eyes etc. Similarly the doctor team made the villagers aware of the symptom and prevention of Dengue and Malaria. It was suggested by the doctor team to visit health centre or doctor as soon as they see any symptom of Dengue whose virus is spread by Adis mosquito.

This type of various awareness programmes have been conducted by Dhamra Port with the help of youths, clubs, heath department and NGOs. This awareness programme had been conducted in Kaithakhola, Karanjamala, Jagannath Prasad, Balabhadra Prasad, Sashikadeipur, Narendrapur, Baincha, Khapuria, Barahampur, Taragana, Khedarpur, Bamanbindha, Gurudaspur, RajNagar, Jantualli, Nuagan villages. This type of health related awareness programme will be conducted in nearby Panchyats in upcoming days as informed by Adani Dhamra Port and its prime focus is how the people will get benefit from this programme.


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