Avdeep Sindhu is the Angry Young Man of Half Marriage

New Delhi: Avdeep Sindhu who will be soon seen essaying the role of Suryaprakash on &TV’s new offering Half Marriage, has got a new name for himself. The other cast and crew of the show often address him as the Angry Young Man of Half Marriage. And the reason for all his anger is nothing but a scene where he had to break a glass. The scene which was supposed to showcase Avdeep’s character Suryaprakash’s in aggression, resulted into giving him a new name!

A source close to set revealed, “Avdeep plays the character of Suryaprakash who is very hot headed and short tempered. For one of the scene, Avdeep had to showcase his anger on screen by throwing a glass. While the shot was perfect but Avdeep continued further as he was not satisfied with the shot. Looking at the aggression with which he was enacting the scene everyone got scared of him. Later after the scene was over, he got back to his jovial self but the crew has labelled him as the Angry Young Man.”

Avdeep will be seen in the role of the over controlling brother, Suryaprakash. He is a hot headed rich brat with a lot of temper who doesn’t mind misusing his father’s power for his personal benefit.

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