Apple Watch help save US woman & her baby’s life: Report

A US woman has credited the Apple Watch with saving her and her baby’s life when she was pregnant, the media reported.

Veronica Williams, who was pregnant with her first daughter, received a high heart rate notification on her Apple Watch that prompted her to seek help from her doctor, reports Fox19.

Williams said that she received numerous high heart rate alerts on her Apple Watch, and noticed that she was “starting to feel short of breath”.

She then called her doctor, who advised her to go to the emergency room.

“Next thing I knew, they came in saying, ‘We need to do an emergency c-section. Is that okay?’ And I was wheeled out of my room and woke up at (University of Cincinnati),” Williams was quoted as saying.

Doctors were able to deliver the baby safely, but Williams herself was still struggling. She was diagnosed with a rare form of myocarditis, the report noted.

“Essentially what happened is her immune system got fooled into attacking her own heart as something that was external,” Williams’ surgeon, Dr Louis Benson Louis IV, explained.

Williams was hospitalised for a month and continued to receive treatment from Louis. Both she and her child are doing well now, the report said.

Meanwhile, an Apple Watch’s Cardio Fitness notifications have helped a healthy man by identifying a major heart issue.

A 40-year-old man who was wearing Apple Watch Series 6 kept receiving notifications for low VO2 max, reports AppleInsider.

Researchers at Shackler School of Medicine and Leviev Heart Center in Israel conducted tests on the man and diagnosed a major heart problem: familial nonischemic cardiomyopathy with greatly reduced left ventricular systolic function.

After treatment began, which included additional cardio exercise routines, the symptoms started to get better.

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