Amity University Online joins Digital Education Council to drive educational innovation

New Delhi, 12th April 2024: Amity University Online (AUO) today announced its alliance with the Digital Education Council (DEC), with a shared vision to drive sustainable innovation and AI adoption for higher education and workforce development. Becoming the first Indian private university to be admitting to the Digital Education Council, Amity University Online reinforces its commitment to lead educational innovation on a global scale.

As a gold member of DEC, Amity University Online will gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities for collaboration with leading institutions and experts in the field. This partnership will enable AUO to contribute to the creation of shared practices that promote positive impact on a global scale.

Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Chairman, Amity University Online, said, “This alliance is a pivotal moment in the evolution of higher education. By joining forces with global leaders in education and technology, we are poised to drive meaningful change in the educational landscape and create impactful solutions that will address the challenges of today’s digital era. We are committed to advancing innovation in online higher education and workforce development, ultimately creating positive global impact. “

DEC brings together education innovators from around the globe who share a common vision of driving sustainable innovation and AI adoption in higher education. It offers various Working Groups focusing on critical topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Skills & Credentials, Digital & Online Learning, ESG & Sustainability, Startups & Innovation, University Leadership, and Business School Deans. Amity University Online will nominate delegates to each Working Group, ensuring representation from the institution in areas of expertise and interest.

Alessandro Di Lullo, CEO of the Digital Education Council (DEC), said, “We are excited to embark on this journey of collaboration and innovation in higher education and workforce development. We aim to leverage technology and collective expertise to drive sustainable progress and create lasting impact globally. With its young and vibrant workforce, India is an important Higher Education market and we are pleased that Amity University Online have joined the Council.”

The first DEC Annual Conference is scheduled to take place in Singapore in November 2024, offering members the opportunity to connect in person and discuss insights from Thematic Working Groups. Additionally, DEC will unveil the 50 Best Innovators list during the conference. In addition to the annual conference, DEC offers Expert Consultation and Technology Scouting services to its Gold and Titanium Members, providing access to a dedicated team to support institutions in finding and testing validated EdTech solutions.

Amity University Online has strengthened its digital education offerings and expanded its global presence by developing innovative programs, targeting new markets effectively, and ensuring student satisfaction. And now, by collaborating with DEC, Amity University Online aims to shape the future of higher education on a global scale, leveraging collective expertise to revolutionize learning experiences and increase accessibility to quality education worldwide.

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