Ambuja Cement Foundation helps over 75000 people receive COVID-19 vaccination in 1900 villages of 10 states

Mumbai: Supporting the Government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, Ambuja Cement foundation (ACF) has facilitated in vaccinating over 75,000 beneficiaries in Phase-2 of the national immunisation drive, including almost 70,000 at-risk community members, 621 frontline workers and staff of ACF. The Government of India rolled out the phase-wise vaccination programme in January 2021 to reach the entire population.

ACF is working with the local government and health departments to ensure a smooth vaccination drive in rural areas, where the awareness level and reach is comparatively low. Putting light on ACF’s vaccination programmes, Ms Pearl Tiwari, Director and CEO, Ambuja Cement Foundation said, “With our commitment towards rural communities, we immediately extended our support to our core villages when the pandemic broke out. Our collaboration in the nationwide vaccination programme is the next step to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. We believe that our contribution to the immunisation drive will help at the grassroot level in rural areas, where people don’t have access to proper health infrastructure and services.”


During the preparation of the first phase, ACF followed a systematic approach with regard to the vaccination drive in its adopted villages in various states. It networked and carried out input awareness sessions first with ACF staff, village volunteers and later with the Panchayati Raj Institution members. “We focused on behaviour change addressing the importance of the vaccine and breaking all myths and rumours amongst the beneficiaries. ACF also assisted the local health departments in mobilization of beneficiaries towards the vaccination centres reaching out to distant geographies,” Ms Tiwari added.


In Phase-2, ACF worked on-ground in remote areas across the country, identifying and reaching out to healthcare staff, frontline workers, and aged population who fall in the category for vaccination laid down by the Government. As the government initiated Phase 2 for 60+ population and also 45+ comorbid population, ACF through its frontline workers, started assisting in registrations, mobilization and making arrangements to avoid crowding at each centre.


ACF will continue to extend its support to the local health and government authorities in mobilizing 45+ population to get vaccinated in Phase 3. This will ensure great coverage to people placed in the remote interiors and break the virus chain.


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