Agni-II Ballistic Missile successfully test-fired from Odisha coast

Balasore: Agni-II Ballistic Missile successfully test-fired from launch pad no-4 of the Abdul Kalam Island at Dhamra port near Balasore. Missile successfully test-fired at 8.39 am today. The missile has a strike range of 2000 km .

The two-stage solid propelled Agni-II is one of the key weapon systems of the country’s nuclear deterrence doctrine and had already been inducted into the armed forces since 2004.

Both stages of the missile have a solid propulsion system, which allows the missile to be mobile and flexible. It is 21 metres tall and is capable of carrying a payload of one tonne. It has appropriate on-board thrusters fitted on the second stage.

The Agni-II is designed to be launched from a rail-mobile launcher and it is also available in road-mobile
configuration. This lends flexibility to the weapon system and reduces vulnerability to first strike.

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