Adani Gangavaram Port inaugurates INR 40 Crore Infrastructure Projects for enhanced productivity and sustainability

Visakhapatnam:   Adani Gangavaram Port the deepest and the most modern port in the country today inaugurated key strategic infrastructure projects at the port premises to build its existing capacity and productivity. The projects are build with an investment of INR 40 Crores & will help the Port enhance its productivity & serve the businesses in an efficient manner. The new facilities will include the following

New warehouse of 6,000 sq meters with capacity of 35,000 MTs brings the port’s covered storage area to 1.4 Lac Sq meters.
Roads & associated infrastructure of 3 KMs has been inaugurated till date which connects the surface transportation more efficiently.
2 Gate complexes with integrated Weigh Bridges & Tarpaulin Covering Stations are also inaugurated in addition to Fuel Handling Station, Car & Truck Tire washing facilities with integrated water capture & recycling capabilities.
Adani Gangavaram Port is committed to delivery best-in-class services through the best infrastructure. The Port management also plans to operationalize Railway infrastructure enhancement in the coming month that bolsters the port’s capability to handle higher rail cargo in a day.

Speaking on the occasion Adani Gangavaram Port Limited management said “In line with Adanis Group philosophy of Growth with Goodness Adani Gangavaram Port has developed resources and infrastructure to increase the Safety, Sustainability and Environment Conservation and contribute to nation building. We at Adani Gangavaram Port offer substantial economic benefits to Indian importers combined with highly efficient port operations and evacuation system with faster turnaround time & delivery. We are extremely happy to see the trade derive benefits of modern deep-water infrastructure.”

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