Time has come to Give Back Odisha her Due: AAP candidate Sudhir Dash

Several Highly educated, Professionally qualified and well placed personalities are presently in electoral battlefield of Odisha fighting this election to prove their mettle. One such person is young, energetic and dynamic Chartered Accountant turned politician Sudhir Dash contesting as Aam Admi Party candidate from Ranpur. In an Interview taken by Senior Journalist Kishore Dwibedi, Shri Dash confides that his sole mission of entering into fray is to revive the lost Glory of his home turf Ranpur and give back his mother state Odisha her due.
Question: Please tell us about your early childhood in Ranpur.
Answer: I was born in a poor Brahmin priest family in one of the remotest village of Ranpur i.e. Kankia. My childhood life is no fairy tale but full of toil and turmoil. My daily routine amongst other was to collect firewoods, working in paddy fields, collecting grass for cattles.
Question: What about your study and struggle in village?
Answer: The study and academics just occurred to me. Like any child belongs to a lower middle class family, I had my share of struggle for survival. Maa Saraswati had full of blessings that I did well in Graduation with First Class honours. I finished my law Degree and cumbersome CA course with flying colours.
Question: How you prospered in your profession in a competitive place like New Delhi ?
Answer: Must I say it’s sheer hard work, dedication, bit of Luck and the zeal to deliver enduring quality in whatever little I do.
Question: Can you please throw light on your socio – cultural activities & contributions .
Answer: I have been organising Cyclothon Annually entitled Tour – De- Kalinga from Sun Temple Konark to different parts of the Country to arouse awareness among youths about environment protection and maintaining physical fitness. Hosting of Green Urja Conclave in New Delhi, aims at promoting Green and alternative energy sources. Roots of Odisha Foundation founded by me is engaged in preserving and popularising the rich art forms, vibrant cultural heritage and lofty traditional ethos of Odisha. I have been doing all these being inspired by my late mother. Social Service is in my blood. My strong faith is that, whatever I am today is due to society. The Society in my Mother State Odisha has given me enough. Now it’s time to give back my soil and society their due with a big heart and smile on face.
Question: Why you have decided to join Politics ?
Answer: Beyond a subject the politics is a platform of excellence to ignite public mind for addressing issues effectively and ensuring social well-being. The best brain and big hearts should join politics for the sake of State’s welfare and to build a great nation. Should have I remained as an exception ?
Question: Why you opted for Aam Admi Party ?
Answer: Very simple. Even after 75 years of independence, the nation has not grown up to provide the basic needs of the citizen’s like quality education, proper healthcare , drinking water and electricity. All ruling political parties have failed to deliver in these respects. Not to forget the prevailing gruesome unemployment problem. Is there any doubt that the AAM AADMI Party is the only political party working on ground in successfully addressing all these fundamental issues ? We are committed to supply free electricity and drinking water to every household. All the villages will be having Mohalla Clinics equipped with World class healthcare facilities. All the government schools will be renovated and rejuvenated with skill based professional academic curriculums. Additionally my agenda for the Development of Ranpur would be to chalk out long term plan to prevent flood devastation, to build up canals for enhancing irrigation capacity, to provide all weather roads to each village, to set up small and medium scale industries to absorb local unemployed youths, to sensitise villagers for chicken, fish, goat, cow and flower farming, to supply modern farming equipments to farmers for enhancing their income and to establish cold storages in the locality. My aim is to implement my dream Project, “willing for skilling & village skilling campus programme” in Ranpur vigorously to ensure atleast one full time employment in each house.
Question: Are you confident to make something different in electoral politics of Ranpur ?
Answer: Oh yes. I had the option of leading a luxurious life either in USA or U.K. It’s the calling of the motherland that I choose to stay in serving my people here. If I can’t do it then nobody else ever will.
Question: What are your missions and visions for Ranpur ?
Answer: Welfare of all and well-being of the poor and marginalised is a straight forward vision. The mission is to sensitise million minds of my people to dream big and strive for excellence. They just should not be helpless tools in the game of dirty politics.
Question: Why a neutral voter should vote for you ?
Answer: The wise voter will vote for the best of the options. Instinctively, I am the only one from Ranpur fighting for Ranpur Assembly constituency unlike my opponents rooted from Odegaon and Ganjam. I am well qualified, rightly trained and finely focussed to serve the people with best of means available to me.
Question: Are you planning to settle in Odisha to serve the people of Ranpur henceforth ?
Answer: I have already settled here staying in my ancestral village Home and shall soon be getting an office operated in Ranpur
Question: Are you confident of reviving the golden glory of Ranpur ?
Answer: Ofcourse Yes. Ranpur has long lost its glory and significance. Too close to the capital city Bhubaneswar, yet too far from benefiting its people and improving their lives. Nasty politics has taken its long toll. Now time has come for the change. Ranpur is all set to regain its golden legacy.
Question: Traditionally Congress, Communist, BJD and BJP candidates have been winning in Ranpur. Are you in a position to change electoral equation in favour of AAP and how ?
Answer: That’s the beauty of my constituency. Perhaps the only one of its kind in Odisha that has given opportunities to all parties. The voters are frustrated of negative politics emanating from all these parties. Now People seek a change and my party is the best suited in delivering the needful, which will benefit the common masses at grassroot level. Ranpur’s future is well secured with AAP. So the need of the hour is to vote for Broom for enabling a sweeping change in Ranpur.
Question: What is your commitment for youths in Ranpur ?
Answer: At least one whole time job for each family . Every panchayat office should be converted into a training /skilled centre
Question: Why a first time voter should opt for you ? What are your agendas for him or her ?
Answer: The youngsters have wings to fly . All they want is a vibrant ecosystem and bit of wisdom through training and skilling to gain heights. I have several agendas for their gainful advancement.
Question: Do you have any message for the electorates of Ranpur at large.
Answer: It’s very unfortunate and unbecoming of the leading political parties that they have denied leadership to people from Ranpur Block. Every time they are choosing candidates from Ganjam and Odegaon to Rule Ranpur. Does Ranpur have dearth of talents. Just a Reminder to my readers that the agrarian movement against British regime first started in Ranpur Soil only.

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