Adani Foundation extends its support for livelihood promotion of Self Help Group (SHG)

Dhamra: “Maa Kharakhai” – a Self Help Group (SHG) of 15 women members in Sana Samukavedi village of Panchutikri Gram Panchayat. The members of this group are landless labourers and earn their livelihood mainly through daily wage earnings, mostly in the form of agricultural labourers in medium and big farmer’s land.

During village visits the CSR team of Adani Dhamra port came in contact with this group and the members gradually narrated their poverty situation and they don’t have any other skill apart from doing the agricultural labour activities. Then, with regular motivation, the women group gain the confidence and realized they can take land on lease and take up paddy cultivation. Realizing confidence level of the group, few village leaders and the CSR team have fully supported the group as a result the group could manage to get 20 acres of land on lease, which an understanding the land owners will receive 30% of crop production.

This arrangement has given a new life to this group. The members timely cultivated the land with the support of their family members and taken care of ancillary activities for land preparation. As per the understanding Adani Foundation has provided 240 kg of paddy seeds and 110 kg of manure to this group and time to time monitored the progress and provided inputs to the group in coordination with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Bhadrak.

This activity further united and strengthened the group, with the growth of the paddy on the field the group is aiming to take around 50 acres of land in coming year. The members are thankful to Adani Dhamra Port for understanding their plight and suffering, rebuilding their confidence and shown a new path of empowerment.

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