7th Odisha Living Legend Awards, Living Legend Oration to be held on December 22, Nominations process Starts

Bhubaneswar:  The 2017 round of Living Legends and Youth Inspirations are here. This year will have added attraction of national level top leaders joining to deliver the Living Legend Oration. The award ceremony will be held on 22nd December 2017 at Mayfair Hotel Bhubaneswar. The award ceremony will see more than 20 personalities being awarded for their excellent and inspiring work in Odisha and contribution to the state’s social, cultural, political and business spheres.

Like previous years this year also we have received nominations from our hundreds of readers who have nominated their ideal candidates for these prestigious awards and the Jury will be screening the nominations in the month of October-November.

The idea of Living Legend Award is slightly different from the Life Time Achievement Award. OD considers those people and their initiatives as Living Legends who have made seminal contribution to their chosen fields and have impacted the Odia society at large. They must be proud Odias who continue to work and inspire the second and third generations of Odias to follow their path. The addition of Youth Inspiration Award is twofold; one is to recognize and promote the inspired youths and the second is to connect them to the legends of their fields so as to inspire them to become future legends.

Readers are here by requested to send their nominations of their candidates maximum by 21st November 2017. The nominations must include the details about the candidate and the justification on why the nominator thinks that the candidate should be awarded a Living Legend or Youth Inspiration Award. Please email your nominations to: [email protected], [email protected]

The Odisha Living Legend and Youth Inspiration awardees will be nominated and/or selected by a committee/team of experts constituted by the OdishaDiary. If required the committee or a group of members of the “Awards Committee” may undertake a field visit to get firsthand knowledge of achievements claimed by a reader/nominator/awards committee in support of their entry for the award. OD team has conducted extensive telephonic conversation with independent panel members located in India and abroad to prepare a final list.  On the basis of past exemplary work, impact and legacy Odisha Diary Team reserves the right to select any individual or institution even when there is no nomination from the awards committee and OdishaDiary readers.

Category of Odisha Living Legend Awards for 2017:

  1. Odisha Living Legend Award (Literature)
  2. Odisha Living Legend Award (Social Service)
  3. Odisha Living Legend Award (Business Leadership n Entrepreneurship)
  4. Odisha Living Legend Award (Education)
  5. Odisha Living Legend Award (Promoting Art & Culture)
  6. Odisha Living Legend Award (Sports)
  7. Odisha Living Legend Award (Film Industry)
  8. Odisha Living Legend Award (Science)
  9. Odisha Living Legend Award (Public Policy)


Category of Odisha Youth Inspiration Awards for 2017


  1. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Literature)
  2. OdishaYouth Inspiration Award (Social Service)
  3. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Business Leadership n Entrepreneurship)
  4. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Education)
  5. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Promoting Art & Culture)
  6. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Sports)
  7. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Film Industry)
  8. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Science)
  9. Odisha Youth Inspiration Award (Public Policy)


Odisha Inc Awards 2017


  • Odisha Inc Best Brand Award
  • Odisha Inc CSR Award
  • Odisha Inc Green Award
  • Odisha Inc Emerging Enterprise Award
  • Odisha Inc Business leader Award
  • Odisha Women Entrepreneur Award
  • Odisha Inc Social Entrepreneur Award


Living Legend Oration 2017


During Odisha Living Legend Awards 2015 we started the annual Living Legend Oration Series. This Oration is a platform to connect leaders and future leader of Odisha and India with the world.  At the times of increasing glocalisation we are at a critical juncture that needs sharing of experiences and inspiring stories to learn, collaborate, customise and replicate. This process needs a healthy dialogue between the doer and the thinker, between the analyst and the policy maker, between the citizen and the leader and between the legends and the next generations.

This year our theme is  “Making Legends: Disruptive Leadership in Challenging Times”. All Living Legends are leaders who have successfully faced challenging times. They have changed their own way of work, adopted new and creative ways to devise solutions and inspired others to follow them. They create, innovate and disrupt in order to achieve high growth, enhance brand and reputation and leave a legacy to be followed. Disruptive leaders question the current and look into the future. They apply design thinking to solve current and future problems. They combine excellence, perfection, resilience into their style of leadership.



About Odisha Diary (www.orissadiary.com), Odisha Living Legend Oration

Odisha Living Legend Awards and Living Legend Orationis being organized by Odisha Media Info Service Private Ltd and Odisha Diary Foundation.

Odisha Living Legend Awards, established by Orissadiary.com (OD) in 2011 has been a novel way to acknowledge and honour great contributions to the state of Odisha. In 2012 we added an award for inspired young minds to connect the youth force with the living legends of our state. The objective has been to build future legends. In 2013 we have added OdishaInc awards to recognize great and inspiring initiatives in the business spheres of Odisha. During Odisha Living Legend Awards 2015 we started the annual Living Legend Oration Series. This Oration is a platform to connect leaders and future leader of Odisha and India with the world.

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