4th edition of Odisha Biennale to start from December 23rd to 31st, 2019 at Kala Bhoomi, Odisha Crafts museum, Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar : The 4th edition of Odisha Biennale will be taking place from December 23rd to 31st, 2019 at Kala Bhoomi, Odisha Crafts museum, Bhubaneswar. Odisha Biennale is being organized by MUDRA Foundation in partnership with Odisha Tourism and will feature workshops, installations and performances from a diverse range of artistic disciplines, including dance, art, photography, film, and fashion. The event brings together Indian artists from within and outside of Odisha, and international artists from Japan, England, Brazil, Sweden and Mexico.
Masako Ono, prolific Odissi dancer, a true Ambassador for Odisha art & culture, tourism, and co-founder of MUDRA, has lived in Bhubaneswar for over 15 years, and was inspired to create Odisha Biennale by her deep appreciation for the artistic heritage of Odisha, and her desire to create a space for individuals of all backgrounds to share their art. Speaking about the theme for this Biennale – Illusion – Ono commented “With all art, be it Odissi dance, theater, painting, the artist is helping the viewer to escape from reality by creating an illusion of a different world. We’re excited that so many unique perspectives are going to be shared during this edition of Biennale. It’s an opportunity for these artists to experience Odisha, and a window for people of Odisha to see different approaches to artistic expression.”
Artist-in-Residence, René Loui from Brazil, has already been in Bhubaneswar for the past few weeks working on a project called B-Cut. He has been exploring the city of Bhubaneswar, interacting with people on the street, and recording clips of them dancing. The aim is to encourage public participation and sharing of art by engaging with the local community. The final video will be screened at Kala Bhoomi throughout the Biennale, from 23rd December to 31st December.
The week’s line-up includes workshops in bamboo craft, contemporary dance, editorial design, and even a painting workshop exclusively for kids. Performances will be held every evening from 19:00 onwards, and admission for all performances is free. The entire schedule of events is available on the Odisha Beinnale website (https://www.odishabiennale.com/), and their Facebook page.

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