4th Battalion CRPF Still Alert In Flood Affected Area: Undaunted Service

Report Badal Tah; Rayagada: “Many of us survived because of the undaunted service of CRPF personnel stationed here in the area. While we were still drenching on the rooftop amidst incessant rain, our children were crying with hunger and beholding the open sky above us and torrential river gushing into our houses, CRPF personnel, like angels, dared to arrive near us by crisscrossing the ever swelling Nagavali and Kalyani rivers. It was beyond our expectation when they rescued all the children, tiny tots, old persons, women and finally all men who were in the god forbidden roof tops. They fed us and empathized with us. They were the real saviours. And they proved that they are not only meant for maintaining peace & tranquility with their guns, they are not gun-trotters, but also restorers of social capital and upkeepers of a finest social fabric. They are the countrymen in true spirit”, said an affected person of Kalyan Singhpur.

On the very 1st day of the flood, after being informed by the Collector and DIG, South West Range, Koraput the 4th Battalion CRPF under the command of Sri Y K Rajput, coy Commanders Sri Niraj Awasthi and Sri Umashankar Prasad rushed to K.Singhpur and Seiskhal areas with their relief and rescue team. In the heavy flood, where the devils did not dare to tread, it did not deter this committed para-military force for their yeomen service for the marooned people. They even saved several bovine population.

They not only rescued the people who took shelter on the roof of the tahsil office, but also provided the affected lot with fast aid, cooked and dry food & relief materials. They were primarily responsible in clearing the debris from the bridge and major roads and restored communication system including phone lines.

In the recent past, when Hirakhand Express train met with a severe accident near Rayagada, CRPF 4th Battalion played a vital role in rescuing many people in the midnight. This is the second incident where the CRPF proved that they are meant for the service of the people- be it maintaining peace and tranquility in the area by combating with left ultras or rescue and relief during flood & accident. Civic action programmes in regular intervals have been magical in the lives of the tribals of this hinterland. Thus alertness is the name of CRPF in Rayagada which is in the news for different reasons.

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