254 SHG members join .FEST

Bhubaneswar: Taking the inclusiveness of the .FEST to another level, the city authorities today included 254 members of self-help-groups (SHGs) from across the city and the members enjoyed both the music programme of the 11th evening and food at the International Food Festival.
This innovative step came just after inclusion of residents of all the seven Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH) on Sunday and senior citizens from all over the city on Monday. They enjoyed the popular music and dance programmes on the grounds of IDCO Exhibition Ground, Kharvel Nagar and also the food.
One of the SHG members Rajalaxmi Jena said “the .FEST has become an iconic event of the city and after the announcement that it would be held every year, we can now encounter many stars from music and entertainment sector in Bhubaneswar. I would thank the organisers to make us a part of this mega event.’’
Bidyut Prava Bhuyan, another member from an SHG said “with the World Cup Hockey and the other associated events in the Temple City has earned it a new place among the happening cities of India and I hope that it would definitely help the tourism sector to sail through and reach a new high.’’
Pratima Swain observed that the International Food Festival had fulfilled a long-awaited wish list as through a single food court the citizens could get major delicacies from all over the globe.
Madhurika Pattanayak felt happy about the policy to include all from the society during a city-wide event and also that the event had given a new exposure to the residents about a world-class organsing capability and capacity building through the WCH tournament.
Deputy Commissioner Social Welfare Sanghamitra Behere, who coordinated the event said “we are emerging as a happening city, but we are also considering a participatory and inclusive approach and letting every citizen groups to be part of the mega celebration.’’

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