12 Masa 13 Parba : Festival food drive launched by ‘Saudamini Cares’ Titilagarh on Ratha Yatra

Titilagarh: On this auspicious occasion of Ratha Yatra, the social initiative by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Jitendra Mishra ‘Saudamini Cares’ has launched a very unique round-the-year festival food drive “12 Masa 13 Parba” alongside it’s ongoing monthly nutrition program. The objective is to provide festival hampers for several deprived communities of western Odisha during all the major festivals of Odisha. Under this initiative festival hampers were distributed among few less-privileged families in Titilagarh of Odisha and nearby areas. The hamper contains traditional Odia sweets like Arisha Pitha, Gaja, Ladu, few other snacks, sweets and also a framed photograph of lord Jagannath along with sanitizer & facemasks.

Along with Jitendra Mishra, active volunteers from the organization Sudeep Tripathy, Satyam Rao, Biswaranjan Ratha, Sudhir Das , Niroj Patnayak and others distributed the kits to several individuals & families in an old age home and railway station areas of Titilagarh town today.

“The purpose is to celebrate festivals together with the people who really need it the most, there is a saying in Odisha ‘13 festivals in 12 months’ but there are many families here who can’t afford it all, particularly during this difficult time of Covid-19. Our festivals are associated with faith, hope, belief & happiness, I believe this small effort may bring back hope and spread happiness among few families”, said Jitendra on this occasion.

Saudamini Cares – a brief background!
March 2020 when WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, a group of socially active youth from different walks of life came together for a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit social project ‘Saudamini Cares’, initiated by acclaimed filmmaker Jitendra Mishra, with a mission to provide free healthcare related services, including Doctor consultation/counseling, nutrition packages, basic medicine kits and other related essentials to the deprived communities of India (Especially in Odisha/Western Odisha/KBK Districts/Titilagarh). Since then, over 1000 needy individuals and families of the region have already got benefited through this initiative. Apart from the regular relief work, ‘Saudamini Cares’ has also been organizing social awareness campaigns and advocacy programs frequently on an organised and impactful manner.

As part of it’s flagship program ‘Health 4 Happiness’, ‘Saudamini Cares’ has joined hands with ‘Juhar Foundation Mumbai‘ and jointly opened JF’s Free Oxygen Bank in Titilagarh in association with ‘Global Western Odisha’ which was Inaugurated by Minister of Women & Child Development, Govt. of Odisha, Mrs Tukuni Sahu on 7th June 2021. Since then they have been providing free oxygen cylinders & concentrators to home isolation patients of the region who are in need.

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