10 Signs of Cancer That Can lead to Early Diagnosis of the Disease


Cancer as a medical condition is turning out to be one of the most widespread causes of death due to an illness condition. In fact, it has become so widespread, that in India, every 36 minutes a person is detected with malignancy. However, the grim reality is that 80% the Indian cancer victims opt for consultation and diagnosis at an unfortunate stage, when recovery is difficult.

Majority of the newly detected types of cancer have a considerable chance of recovery if diagnosed and treated on time. Cancer typically is a disease that doesn’t have a noticeable symptom until a stage where the cure is next to impossible.

However, being a little conscious and closely observing our own body can help to detect the disease in the case of you’re affected and hence opt for timely tests that aid in defining its existence or absence.

Here are a few symptoms that you should be conscious of at all times –

  1. Unexplained weight loss

The fall in the weighing scale which is usually a glory could be a cause of worry. Unexplained weight loss is a situation where you lose weight effortlessly. As pleasing as it sounds, a loss exceeding 10 pounds can be the first sign of cancer. This is usually the case with colon, pancreatic and other liver related cancers.

  1. Consistent lumps

In certain scenarios, an unexplained lump, bump or swelling can be an indication of something grave going on under your skin. A lump usually represents a harmless condition, but in case it persists beyond a month, it should be made subject to proper scrutiny for malignancy.

  1. Difficulty in swallowing and indigestion

A common issue that arises with cancer is the inability to swallow food properly. This is mostly the case with cancers that relate to the oesophagus. If it is frequently happening, it’s best to get it checked.

  1. Constant Headaches

Headaches are a phenomenon that one may encounter due to an array of reasons, and hence it is often not paid much heed to. However, it might surprise you that among the multiple causes of headaches, cancer stands as one of the most ignored ones. The headaches associated with cancer are different from the typical headaches that one experiences out of a migraine, lack of sleep or other causes. If a headache stands unresolved despite medication, it’s a sign to be taken seriously.

  1. Blood in stool

If your stool appears to be very dark or black, signifying the presence of dried blood, it maybe the red flag waving for colorectal cancers. Sometimes you might notice fresh blood spots and other times it might not even be visible to your eye. Proper tests can enable a doctor to certify the accurate source of the blood and take measures accordingly.

  1. Changes in Nails

Closely observing your nails can actually help you determine any danger of potential type of cancer too. A brown or black dot under the nail is an indication of skin cancer. On the other side, liver cancer is known to result in pale or white nails. If you observe your fingers enlarging with the nails curving themselves down, it might be a subtle indication towards lung cancer.

  1. Fatigue or Weakness

In today’s world when everyone is on a relentless quest for success, tiredness is often considered as an implied consequence. However, the fatigue and weakness that one ignores as ordinary might be a disguised indication of something as grave as colorectal cancer.

  1. Abdominal cramps

Abdominal pain is often viewed as a minor concern, but, this minor concern maybe an indication towards something major. Abdominal pain that is persistent, severe and long-lasting despite usual medication should be subject to investigation since it is one of the leading symptoms of colon or bowel cancer.

  1. Breast changes

In India, every 1 out of 8 women is a victim of breast cancer. Breast lumps maybe non-cancerous too, but they must be investigated thoroughly to confirm that. The doctor should check for nipple discharge, nipple turning inward, breast pain and the likes. A negative mammogram is not a sufficient definition of the source of the breast lump and must be subjected to other investigations like MRI and ultrasound.

  1. Urination pattern alteration

Deviations in the normal course of urination may necessitate further action. If the changed pattern amounts to frequent urination or slow urine flow or any unusual course of action, it must be followed up with thorough tests.

While the above symptoms do not imply cancer, they could be a starting sign. It’s natural amidst the time pressed daily life to feel tempted to ignore these minor health problems until they turn major. However, this very habit could culminate in long term suffering and even death due to lack of a cure.

Cancer Insurance for the Worst-Case Scenario

Catching cancer in early stage helps, but even then, the financials could be challenging to address. Cancer insurance plans are specially designed to help the patient and family meet the costs easily.

More than 50% cancer patients in India still pay for the treatment costs out of their pockets. This could be financially devastating for the families and push their lifestyle back a decade or two.

Cancer insurance offers financial assistance basis the stage of the disease, regardless of the cost of treatment. This helps in meeting the household expenses just in case you have to take a break from employment.