World Pakhal Divas celebrated by Odias of Dubai

Dubai: A group of non-resident Odias living in Dubai, UAE got together to celebrate ‘World Pakhal Divas’ by eating Pakhal in front of the iconic Dubai Marina Skyline in front of Sky Dive Dubai.

Traditional Odia dishes like Macha Munda Ghanta Tarkari, Keonjhar Badi Bhaja, Khada Saga, , Rohu Macha Bhaja, Chota Macha ra Rai, Chicken Kasa and Aloo Chataka accompanied the Pakhal which was made from Usna Chaula.

Children and Adults relished the delicious fare on offer. According to one of the participants ‘It is a fantastic feeling to eat Pakhal in front of such an iconic skyline. Cannot believe that we are celebrating Pakahal Divas in Dubai, that too in such such a magical setting’.

The ladies of the group made special efforts in making the Pakhal and accompanying dishes. Kitchens were buzzing with activity since morning. The day began at 6 am when fresh produce was picked up by the men from the markets and it culminated late afternoon Pakhal Party.

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