World Odisha Society Observes First Foundation Day

New Delhi : World Odisha Society (WOS) is the highest and apex Organisation of the Odia diaspora World Wide. The Society consists of the representatives of the Odia Samaj of different Countries, prominent Non – Resident Odias, Odisha Lovers and eminent community leaders representing Odia Socio – Cultural institutions. Apart from ensuring the safety, Security, Solidarity and well being of Odias all over the World, the forum has been engaged in Projecting, promoting and Propagating the art, Architecture, Culture, Crafts, carvings, Tradition, Tourism, History, Ethos, Language, Literature, attire and Cuisine of Odisha in international arena.

WOS was formed on the Auspicious Day of Makar Sankranti on 14th January 2021. When the entire World was devastated due to covid Pandemic, WOS took birth as a bright ray of hope and much sought after solace to Odia communities across the Globe. The Society has Non Resident Odia representatives of around Fifty Six Countries of the World Now.

Senior Journalist Kishore Dwibedi Is the First Chairman of WOS. Around Eighty Members of Executive Body has been in charge of the different Departments of WOS . The Speaker of the Odisha Legislative Assembly Dr Surjya Narayan Patro is the Chief Patron, Odia Member of Parliament in Kenya Dr Swarup Mishra is the Chief Adviser and Director of Sovaniya Andolan Dr Arundhati Debi is the Founder of WOS.

The First Foundation Day Of World Odisha Society has been Observed on Friday 14th January 2022. Due To World Wide Resurgence Of COVID Pandemic, the Anniversary Event has been kept as a simple and solemn affair without any Celebration.
Society’s Senior Member Badri Nath Mishra , Joint General Secretary Eco Madhu Sudan Mishra, Noted Sand Artiste Manas Sahoo and Other Wellwishers have Offered Akhanda Deepa at The Lion’s Gate in front Of Shree Jagannath Temple at Puri as a mark of WOS’s Foundation Day and Prayed Lord of The Universe to Save Mankind from Corona Menace and Bless WOS.

WOS’s Auditor Renowned CA Sudhir Dash, Vice President Women’s Wing Reeta Patra and Other Members have Displayed the Flyers Of WOS as a Mark Of Solidarity to WOS And Worldwide Odia Unity at the Premises Of Shree Jagannath Temple At Hauzkhas Village in New Delhi on the Auspicious Occasion . They also Offered Deepas At The Temple. Similar Offering of Deepas, Lighting of Candles And Displaying Of WOS’s Flyers at Jagannath Temples, Hindu Temples and Historical Sites All Over the World have been Organised by the Members and Lovers of WOS to Symbolically Observe the Holy Day.

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