World Environment Day Observed at Utkal Alumina International Limited

Bhubaneswar: Like every year, this year too, “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” was observed on 5th June 2020, at Utkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL) & Baphlimali Bauxite Mines, as a part of awareness towards environment protection and sustainable development. Massive plantation drive, awareness programs and competitions on environment theme witnessed this year’s observance. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day, 2020 is Biodiversity – a call to action to combat the accelerating species loss and degradation of the natural world. On this occasion, both at Baphlimali mines and UAIL refinery, various awareness programmes like essay, poster and slogan competitions on the Theme -Conservation of Biodiversity were organised through online mode which saw the active participation of employee, our associated partners, school children and township residents and rewarded the winners.
“On the eve of this noble day, a plantation programme was carried out both at Mines and at Utkal Township taking all preventive measures keeping the view of Covid-19.

Mr. N. Nagesh- Unit Head & President, Mr. R. N. Mishra, Head Operation & Environment, Mr Mukesh Jha, GM ( Mines) and other senior officials presented their valuable views on this occasion and urged the gathering to rethink how our economic systems have evolved and the impact they have on the environment and suggested ways to make the unit further environment friendly.

Mr. N. Nagesh reiterated that “the healthy ecosystems, rich with biodiversity are fundamental to human existence. Ecosystems sustain human life in a myriad of ways: cleaning our air, purifying our water, ensuring the availability of nutritious foods, nature-based medicines and raw materials, and reducing the occurrence of disasters.

We should keep our environment clean & green for a healthy society. Our Unit has taken several initiatives to keep this plant environment friendly” and make the unit Greener, Stronger, Smarter, adds Mr Nagesh.

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