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Holi Holi or the festival of colour is celebrated vigorously mostly in the North, West and East Indian states. It has several mythological and historical stories. There are several legends around the theme of Holi associated with many Gods and Goddesses of Hindu mythology.  There is this legend of Holika, a she-demon dahan (burning). However, most of the legends are around Krishna and Radha. In fact, Holi is the biggest festival in Mathura and Brindaban, (considered to be the birth and work place of Krishna) where people indulge in sprinkling of colours with gay abandon. There are many folk and semi-classical songs on Holi, many alluding to the playful banter between Krishna and Radha and her friends. Like several other festivals, which have their origin in religious practices but have become more of a social festival with people of all religion, caste and communities taking part- Holi has become a big social festival of fun and merry making. Food, especially sweets is integral part of most of the festivals of India. Holi is no exception. Good for people who love food like me. Photo: Tanmoy Bhaduri Rain before Holi Holi marks the beginning of summer in Eastern States. The temperature begins to rise considerably from this day.  But this year, thankfully we had rains just on the eve of Holi and somebody promptly sent the following in the social media Ghabraiye mat Barish ka mousam Suru nehi hua hai Yeh to Sri Krishna apni Pichkari check kar rahe the. Exam Season In Odisha matriculation examination just got over and ICSC examinations have just begun. While going on morning walk I find middle aged couples discussing only about the examination of their wards. They wear a serious face and talk endlessly how examinations are becoming tougher and tougher every passing year with introduction of increasingly difficult subjects in the course.  The play grounds are wearing a deserted look. So do the hang out zones of the youngsters. I am told, youngsters are taking examinations far too seriously than we used to do in our times. They are far more career-focused that we were at their age. Or is the parents, who are pushing them too hard to ‘do well’ in the examination? And are the parents doing right? I am little confused on this.  Bank Charges The way banks have begun to take money from the customers for various services, may people like me have taken to disliking visiting banks. Why should the customers pay charges for withdrawing money in cash? This is atrocious. In small towns and villages people rely heavily on cash. People still are not very comfortable in paying through mobiles and the facilities simply do not exist. Penalising people for that is just not done.  Tailpiece Wife asked a retired (from work!) husband – “What are you doing?”  – “Nothing”  – ” That you did yesterday, too” ” – “That’s right- kaam puurraa kahana hua!”

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