Where to Apply Commercial Building Automation

Commercial building automation has emerged as one of the most demanding features in modern-day buildings. It facilitates users by transforming manual systems into smart systems in various domains. In a smart commercial building, day-to-day operations, including managing security, HVAC systems, temperature control, and lighting, are automated, making the operations effortless and smooth.

 Undoubtedly, commercial building automation is the best way to increase operational efficiency, helping the owners increase their profits. It helps the commercial buildings in the following ways.

 Save Energy:

Inefficient energy utilization is one of the biggest problems in today’s commercial buildings. With electricity wastage, the owners are losing big money every single day. Smart commercial building with proper automation is the only solution to avoid unnecessary bills every month. With commercial building automation, you can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 30 percent. Smart systems turn off the lights and other electric appliances automatically when they are not needed, ultimately helping you saving electricity.

Improve Efficiency:

Modern-day commercial buildings need the integration of technology in their operations. Otherwise, the business model may not survive in the long run. Smart commercial building solutions are promising to increase building efficiency by centralizing all the operations. With smart management, the staff sitting in the control room can access every device present in the building, ultimately helping them to minimize the operating cost of the building. For example, it helps you control the environment’s temperature automatically, hence improving efficiency.

Add Comfort:

Commercial buildings are of vital importance in adding comfort to our lives. If the buildings can adapt to our needs, it is all we want. Smart building solutions adjust the building environment according to our mood and needs, which provides us the environment that we strive for. For instance, if you want to adjust your building temperature, smart building solutions are there for you. Similarly, the smart sensors are enough to adjust brightness in the environment easily. All of these enhances comfort in your experience.

 Ensure Security:

Commercial buildings demand stringent security due to the presence of business activity within their boundaries. Without proper security measures, there is no point in having a commercial building. Commercial building automation is the way to remove all the loopholes within security and safety. The combination of CCTV cameras, smart sensors, and security alarms is an all-inclusive recipe for the unbreakable security system, which can only be provided by smart systems.

 Commercial building automation can be applied to all the following places, wherever a huge crowd is expected. 

 City Complex:

The city complex attracts a massive inflow of people on a daily basis. As these complexes are home to countless businesses, they need centralized monitoring for a proper business environment. Commercial building automation can help the management run the operations smoothly by managing everything from a pre-designated control room.

 Exhibition and Convention Complex:

These facilities demand proper lighting, temperature, and HVAC control as anything not going well in convention results in disaster. As a big crowd is expected in these complexes, having automation installed is the only way to make the experience memorable for them. Without centralized control, everything in the complex is expected to be turned out in a mess.

 Transportation hubs:

Commercial building automation can also be installed in transportation hubs, as the complexity of these facilities demands it. Modern-day fast-paced transportation systems, including airports, railways, and bus terminals, have become so busy that only a smart system can handle them effectively. With a centralized system in these hubs, the user experience can be facilitated to every possible extent. Not only this, but it would also save energy and reducing manual attraction at various levels. For example, with the help of building automation, the airport can use natural light to the greatest extent based on the glass structure and automatically turn on the lights according to the illuminance, thereby saving energy.


Commercial building automation can save energy in offices by turning the lights on and off whenever necessary. You don’t even have to worry about the room’s temperature because the automated processes help you adjust it without manual involvement. These systems can also manage the flow of light within your office by adjusting curtains levels automatically.


Educational institutions, especially schools, can get benefitted from a commercial building automation setup. Some facilities in schools, including libraries and laboratories, need frequent attention of staff as carelessness results in massive energy losses at these places. Smart systems help you avoid that. With the help of building automation, schools can use natural light to keep the library’s lighting at all times and protect students’ eyes. The adjustment of temperature is also conducive to the health of students.

While there are many providers involved in this business, some are better than others. HDL Automation, for instance, is a trendsetter and is leading the industry. They provide reliable smart systems with instant customer support.

 With the incorporation of intelligent solutions like HDL Automation in commercial buildings, the buildings are likely to attract more visitors. The solution-driven products are manufactured by expert teams, having the track record of installing automation in some of the most crowded places in the world, including Dubai airport. The products provided by them comply with the internationally established standards of KNX. The KNX products are bound to answer all the questions in any type of commercial building, including complexes, schools, offices, and recreational centers.

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