Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda consigned four dug wells and a solar irrigation pump to farmers of Siriapali

Jharsuguda : On 29th September, ‘Jeevika Samridhi’ a CSR flagship of Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda in collaboration with NABARD consigned four dug wells and a solar irrigation pump at Siriapli. The project was undertaken partnering with the SEWA NGO.
The dug wells and solar irrigation pump were inaugurated in the presence of dignitaries Mr. Ajay Pandey, CPP Head – Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda, Mr. J. Sundar Raj, CSR Head – Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda, Mr. M. Sushil Kumar Das, Secretary – SEWA and Mr. Jaykrishna Patel, President – Farmers Club. The inauguration witnessed around 60 attendees that included beneficiaries, members of the farmers club, Vedanta officials and representatives of implementing agency SEWA.
The purpose of the dug wells are mainly to provide assured irrigation facilities that will go onto aiding the agricultural production of village. Each well is constructed 8 ft diameter x 30 ft in depth, henceforth having the capacity to irrigate 1.5 acres of agriculture land. With four instated, farmers of the area will be able to irrigate a total six acres of land and easily aid round the year crop cultivation ultimately increasing their income.
An addition to the dug wells, a solar irrigation pump was extended to a farmer in need, Arjun Naik. The solar irrigation pump has the capacity of 14400 litres / hour water flow rate with a 700 watts solar panel and 0.5 HP water pump. The pump functions in the norms of protecting the environment, requiring no electricity and diesel. With the provision of this pump, Arjun Naik will be able to maximize agricultural production and even make profits.
On the occasion Mr. Jaykrishna Patel said, “Over the last one year, Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda has built a trust with the farmer community at Siripali by demonstrating new practices under Jeevika Samridi. Support in terms of training to the farmers on advanced agricultural practices, construction of infrastructure and introducing innovative technology are some of the many initiatives that have been able to strengthen our economic prosperity. With the unveiling of this and various other projects of Jeevika Samridhi, the farmers are hopeful that this year would be a prosperous year for agriculture in our village.”
The skeleton on which the Jeevika Samridhi was laid on mainly focuses to secure economic prosperity of small and marginal farmers through intervention in agriculture and land and its varied requirements. Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda has kept the peripheral areas and their development a priority. Through the continuous flow of ongoing community development projects being deployed the communities and peripheral villages are being nudged into developing better living conditions.

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