Under BJD, Odisha’s prosperity and culture are both threatened says PM Narendra Modi in Angul

Dhenkanal: Under BJD, Odisha’s prosperity and culture are both threatened. For the past 6 years, the key to Shri Jagannatha’s vault has been missing. Leaders of BJD and CM’s kith and kin are involved in this conspiracy…. Once we form govt in Odisha, we will make the enquiry report public. Give BJP a chance and I assure you, a person who belongs to Odisha will become the Chief Ministerb says PM Narendra Modi in Angul while addressing public rally.

Who ruined Odisha? Who destroyed future of youths? Who trampled dreams of farmers? BJD govt is entirely responsible for this. The CMO has been captured by a few corrupt people. Even small BJD leaders have crores of money. BJD didn’t let people benefit from the mineral resources in Odisha. Under the BJD govt, Odisha’s rich culture & tradition and mineral resources are not safe. It has been six years since the key of Srimandir Ratna Bhandar is missing. Those who are around the Chief Minister and have captured the governance are responsible for this. I want to assure the people of Odisha that everything will be made clear after BJP forms govt in the State, says PM Modi in Angul.

BJD has given nothing to Odisha. Farmers, youth and Adivasis are still struggling for a better life. Adivasi areas are resource-rich, yet poverty-stricken. People who have destroyed Odisha should not be forgiven says PM Narendra Modi. Even puisne ministers of BJD have now become millionaires. BJD did not let you benefit from the resources of Odisha says PM Narendra Modi.

These days, many global experts are surveying different parts of the country. They are seeing that people are certain to bring back Modi government for the third time. Our mothers, sisters and youth are especially enthusiastic to contribute to the nation-building. Odisha is saying in unison, ‘Double-engine government for Odisha’ says PM Narendra Modi.

Paddy farmers in Odisha have been betrayed. Even after working hard for their produce, farmers don’t get the fixed Rs 2200 MSP for their paddy as BJD leaders loot the farmers in mandis… Once BJP forms govt in Odisha, paddy MSP per quintal will be increased to Rs 3100 and within 48 hours, farmers will get the money credited to their bank account. Besides, BJP will install electric machines at mandis to put an end to ‘katni chatni’ says PM Narendra Modi.



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