TPWODL is setting up a new 33 kV line for consumers in Sohela and Bhatli blocks of Bargarh District

Burla, 13.05.2024: As part of its value addition to its operation and maintenance work,  TPWODL is setting up a new 33 kV line from Chor Grindola Grid Substation to Dasmile Primary  Substation for domestic and agricultural consumers in Sohela and Bhatli blocks of Bargarh district. 

At present, electricity is being supplied to consumers of these two blocks from Turunga and Dasmile  Primary Substations, which is overloaded, and this is affecting the reliability of the power supply to  industrial consumers and preventing new connections. Therefore, to address this, TPWODL has started  laying a new dedicated 33 KV line at a distance of 22km from Chorgrindola GSS to Dasmile PSS,  which will shift load from the existing 33 kV line and improve supply stability. 

Upon completion of this project, we will ensure reliable power supply to approximately 21,000  consumers in Dasmile, Turunaga, Srigida, Sarkanda, Bishipali, Dumerpali, Sohela, Beherapali,  Karmunda, Jatala, Damkilali, Garvana, Nuagan area of Sohela, and Bhatli blocks, including industrial  and agricultural consumers. This project will enable the addition of new industrial connections,  stimulating regional growth with increased investments and job opportunities. 

Expressing satisfaction over start of this project, TPWODL CEO Mr. Parveen Verma stated that, this  is another step towards right direction for the consumers need in Bargarh District. The work for this  project has been started on 4th may and it will take 6 months to complete the entire work and charge  the line. This will cost the company 7.32 Cr and we assure our consumers of Bargarh District that, all  stones will be unturned to build a robust electricity network to provide stable and reliable power supply.  

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