TPWODL has commissioned a new 33 kV underground line to strengthen the power supply system of Sambalpur city

Burla, 30.05.2024: In order to make the power supply system of Sambalpur city more robust and reliable, an alternative new 33 kV underground cable line has been laid from Anithaipali to Remed chowk PSS as an alternative power supply to that area

This will ensure uninterrupted power supply to approximately 25000 consumers of Remed area, Anithaipali, Budharaja, Phatak, Mudipada, Cheruapada, SRIT Colony, Jagannath Colony, Farm Road, Railway Station area, Anguliapara and Jharsuguda Road including 9 major shopping malls, 15 Banks, many residential areas, Hotels and public water supply installations located at Sambalpur town.

It is not out of place to mention that at present Ainthapalli grid gets only supply from Ganeshnagar, during peak load the Ganeshnagar grid gets over loaded therefore this alternate underground cable will now connect between Hirakud Grid to supply power to Ainthapalli so that the load between Ganeshnagar and Hirakud is distributed evenly. It will certainly reduce the over load tripping at Ainthapalli grid by ensuring uninterrupted power supply to all Distribution Transformers.

Since the 33KV underground cable between Ainthapalli and Remed has been charged, it is here by requested to public and consumers at large not to carry out any kind of excavation work on that route with out proper permission. This may lead to fatal accidents since it is very high voltage electric supply cables have been laid underground.

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