TPCODL urges power consumers to stay safe during the monsoon season

Bhubaneswar, 8 July 2023: With the onset of monsoon, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and Odisha Government for power distribution, has announced various proactive safety measures taken as a part of the monsoon preparedness drive. The company aims to ensure seamless power supply for its customers during the upcoming monsoon season while taking all safety measures for its customers and employees.

The discom has urged power consumers to adopt an aware and responsible attitude. Recognizing the electrical hazards in monsoons, the company shared some simple pre-emptive measures to ensure the electrical safety during the season.
TPCODL has further enhanced its customer care centres to enable direct outreach and speedy resolution of issues as well as quicker connectivity and reporting of any untoward incident using the following avenues:
• Dedicated 24×7 Toll-Free Helpline Number: 1912
• Website:
• Mitra App
In line with its commitment to customer safety, TPCODL offers the following general advisory for the monsoon season:
Do’s and Don’ts

1. Turn Off the main switch in case there is water logging or leakage observed in the meter cabin In case any alterations are made in the wiring, it should be thoroughly checked and tested by a licensed electrical contractor
2. Keep a torch and candles at home. This could come in handy if you must switch off electricity for safety reasons
3. Use reflective raincoats to make yourself more visible in traffic and keep an umbrella handy
4. Do not touch any electrical installations with wet hands
5. Do not use electricity more than the sanctioned load
6. If you see any sparks in the meter, streetlight poles or distribution pillars, do not touch them, you could get an electric shock. Call our 24×7 helpline number – 1912 for assistance
7. Do not take shelter beneath a tree/ temporary structure in case of heavy wind, lightning and thunderstorms
8. Do not drive over fallen power lines
9. Do not use electrical appliances, if you suspect that they were submerged in water or have had contact with water until you have had a professional declare them safe to use
10. During Lightning and high winds, stay inside and away from windows, stay low, use your phone only if it’s an emergency and never touch a power line.

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