Tata Steel’s OMQ Division bags the prestigious Greentech Energy Conservation Award 2021


Jamshedpur : Tata Steel’s Ores, Mines & Quarries (OMQ) division has been conferred the prestigious ‘Greentech Energy Conservation Award 2021’ during the two-day Greentech Safety Culture & Energy Summit 2021 organised by the Greentech Foundation at Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir on Thursday, August 26, 2021.

D B Sundara Ramam, Vice President, Raw Materials, Tata Steel, said: “We are honoured to be recognised for our efforts towards energy conservation and adoption of innovative environmental management practices across the OMQ Division. We are implementing the concept of responsible mining to harmonise economic growth and environmental protection across all our mining locations. As a responsible corporate, we will continue to work towards sustainable development for a better tomorrow.”

Sanjay Kumar Roy, Head Power Distribution, OMQ Division, Tata Steel, along with Pramod Kumar Singh, Senior Manager (EEI), Equipment & Maintenance, Noamundi & Katamati, Tata Steel, received the award on behalf of the OMQ Division, Tata Steel, from Dharam Pal, IAS, Advisor to Administrator, Chandigarh and Kamlesh Sharan, Founder & CEO, Greentech Foundation. During the summit, Sanjay Kumar Roy, Head Power Distribution, OMQ Division, Tata Steel also presented a paper on ‘Energy Conservation steps taken by Tata Steel at OMQ Division’.

Tata Steel’s OMQ Division received the award for its outstanding achievements in energy conservation. The award is a reflection of the concerted and multiple efforts made by the division in energy conservation including setting up a 3 MW Solar Power Plant to reduce the carbon footprint and generate power in a sustainable manner, installation of solar operated tube-wells for the community, replacement of energy source from diesel to battery for operation of air conditioning system in the Heavy Earth Moving Machinery, installation of VVF drive and energy-efficient motors in the processing plant, etc. The environmental policy of Tata Steel emphasises efficient use of natural resources & energy, waste avoidance and recycling measures.

Through this award, Greentech Foundation recognises and felicitates outstanding and exemplary initiatives and practices adopted to conserve energy by reducing energy consumption and adoption of renewable energy sources to achieve pollution free environment. The two-day summit was attended by a mix of energy, power, admin and environmental professionals, regulatory authorities and practitioners related to Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Environment Protection and Climate Change.

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