Tata Steel’s Nest-In develops Covid-19 Swab Collection Unit to minimise contamination risk for healthcare workers

Mumbai: Nest-In, the construction solutions business venture of Tata Steel, has developed an innovative Covid-19 Swab Collection Unit that ensures a risk-free and safer sample collection process. With the growing need to tackle the highly contagious Covid-19 virus, it has become critical to ensure an increase sample collection for testing, and in a hassle-free and safe manner, for both – the healthcare professionals and the patients.

The Nest-In design & development team spent days interacting with medical professionals and studying the existing units in the market to identify pain points and derive insights. Post their study, they developed an innovative unit which ensures contact-less exchange of test-tubes and is equipped with a two-way mic and speaker system that allows clear communication between the healthcare professional and the patient. The unit is spacious and is built using insulated sandwich panels to provide an ambient and comfortable environment inside the unit.

The unit is also equipped with an in-built disinfectant spray that eliminates the need for an additional resource to sanitise the unit after each sample collection, thus reducing the risk of infection. The toughened glass ensures clear visibility as well as safety of both healthcare professionals and patients.

P. Anand, Chief (Services & Solutions), Tata Steel, said: “Nest-In’s swab collection unit is an innovative product designed to ensure contact-less sample collection in a hassle-free and safe manner, and is yet another addition to our solutions in helping the nation in its fight against the pandemic. Designed and developed internally by our team, we at Tata Steel are constantly pushing the envelope to offer ingenious solutions for a better life, every day.”

The Covid-19 Swab Collection Unit can be used by hospitals, testing labs as well as by commercial and industrial firms inside their manufacturing plants and townships. The Company will be producing units on the basis of orders received and has the capability to serve the requirements across the nation.

Nest-In has developed several customised solutions to help the nation in its fight against the pandemic, including quarantine and isolation wards, portable toilets and ICU Cabins. Nest-In has also supplied quarantine and isolation cabins for a 550-bed Covid-19 Isolation Facility in Kasargod, Kerala spanning 80,000 sq. ft.

Tata Steel is delivering tangible impact through its expertise and specialty products, and contributing towards tackling the Covid-19 crisis by creating customised solutions for the healthcare sector.

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