Tata Steel inaugurated Jalahari Stream Project at Khondbond in the Keonjhar district of Odisha

Joda: Tata Steel inaugurated the Jalahari Stream Project at Khondbond in the Keonjhar district of Odisha on October 6, 2018. Mr Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President (Raw Materials), Tata Steel inaugurated the project in the presence of Mr Manish Mishra, General Manager, Ore Mines and Quarries (OMQ), Tata Steel, Mr Shirish Shekhar, Chief, Khondbond, Tata Steel and Mr Rajesh Kumar, Chief, Joda, Tata Steel.
As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Tata Steel Rural Development Society, the CSR wing of Tata Steel had taken up the stream development work in the peripheral village of Khondbond Iron Mine at Jalahari in July 2017. The job included cleaning of the stream, construction of check dams for storage of water, beautification, construction of separate bathing ghats for men and women, construction of bridge and protection of perennial water source.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Chaudhary said: “It is yet another initiative of Tata Steel towards water conservation and revival of natural water source. All projects are conceived and executed based on the principles of sustainability and to fulfil the needs of the stakeholders, including communities around us. Tata Steel is committed to protect the environment and providing support to the local communities. The project will largely benefit the residents of this area, who are directly and indirectly dependent on this water source for their daily needs.”
The project will benefit the households of Jalahari and Jurudi village. This perennial natural stream can be used for bathing and other domestic purposes. The site was abandoned for several years till it was taken up for development by TSRDS. The project is going to give a new lease of life to the people of villages adjoining Jalahari. Tata Steel has taken up many developmental initiatives in the peripheral villages of Khondbond Iron Mine as part of its CSR. The company is creating basic infrastructure projects, providing quality health services, livelihood support and drinking water facilities in its mining peripheral areas.

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