Smart Classrooms: Chairman Mo School Abhiyan Susmita Bagchi visits E Class Room of Smart City

Bhubaneswar, August 4: Chairman Mo School Abhiyan Smt Susmita Bagchi visited “Smart Classrooms’’ project of Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) at Unit IX Girls High School.
She was accompanied by CEO BSCL-cum-Commissioner Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh and other senior officials of BSCL and School and Mass Education Department. General Manager BSCL Kamaljit Das was also present during the visit.
The “Smart Classrooms’’ project is being implemented in 13 schools across the city and each school will be connected to the system through their “Smart Classes’’ as there would be one “Smart Classroom’’ each in the selected schools under this initiative.
The objective behind the “Smart Classrooms’’ project is to facilitate virtual learning by bringing technology to the classroom doorstep of the teachers and children and to improve in student engagement activities, i.e. read, write and making visualization possible and child-friendly. The central theme behind the Smart City Proposal of the Temple City has also mentions child-friendliness in all the projects.
The “Smart Classrooms’’ project is an e-learning application for classroom in the selected schools and the learning infra is eco-friendly ensuring low carbon footprints. It will use Windows-based desktop, keyboard and mouse and would provide student analytics and digital learning solutions.
The project is unique as it can track the child and its activities or lifestyle and the software in the learning process can disseminate the information in three Indian languages i.e. English, Hindi and Odia.
‘’Smart Classrooms’’ project will also help in conducting online examinations as the software is accessible over Internet so that, administrative activities, exam management, reporting etc. can be managed over the Internet.
The system under “Smart Classrooms’’ can help the schools to manage things right from student registration till generating transfer certificate (TC).
It can also help in rapid attendance register, fees and finance management, teaching and non-teaching staff coordination and management, stores and inventory management, calendar, time-table generation, library management and also discipline management in school. It can also help in provision for online payment gateway integration.
BSCL has installed desktop computers, 24 port switch for networking, metallic cabinet, interactive white board (IWB), green board , ultra-short through projector, speakers for better audio system, surveillance camera, close circuit televisions (CCTVs), network video recorder (NVR), UPS, video conferencing system, document visualizer, smoke detector, 65” LED display unit and biometric fingerprint reader in each school through the “Smart Classrooms’’ project under the Smart City Proposal.

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