SBI Card enables payments using Bharat QR

New Delhi: SBI Card, the country`s second largest credit card issuer, today announced the integration of Bharat QR on its payment platform. With the introduction of this technology, SBI Card customers can make QR code based payments via the ‘Scan & Pay’ function in the SBI Card mobile app.


With the Bharat QR Code payment option, cardholders will be able to transact without using the physical card, both at Point of Sale and online. To initiate the payment process via QR code, cardholders have to launch ‘Scan & Pay’ option on their SBI Card mobile app and scan the merchant`s QR code. After entering payment amount, the transaction has to be authenticated using MPIN by the customer. Upon successful processing of the payment, the transaction amount will be deducted in real time from the card. Customers set their MPIN using details such as credit card number, CVV, date of birth and OTP, which are only known to them, thereby making the function completely secure.


Mr Vijay Jasuja, CEO, SBI Card said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of yet another initiative to Make Life Simple for our customers. We are committed to offering our customers latest, industry leading, seamless and convenient payment channels. With the integration of Bharat QR onto the SBI Card payment platform, our customers will be able to avail a simplified and safe payment experience on the most widely used device – the mobile phone.  Cardholders will enjoy greater convenience and safety, as they need not carry/swipe the physical card. We believe Bharat QR will drive up card acceptance among a wider merchant base, make it easier for customers to go cashless and enhance the overall payment experience.”


Customers can avail the QR code payment facility on their SBI credit cards at all merchants who support Bharat QR.

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