SanchiConnect Organizes Road show for Deep Tech Stakeholders in Bhubaneswar

Distinguished guests who attended this summit include the CEOs of top incubators, startups along with officials from the Odisha Startup Cell


Bhubaneswar – SanchiConnect, a leading organisation dedicated to supporting emerging technology ventures, organised first of its kind deep tech only roadshow involving key stakeholders and leaders from the state. The event provided a platform for focused networking, allowing like-minded individuals to engage and exchange valuable insights within the industry.

The event was held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and was expected to lay down the future foundation for closer partnership between local startups and over 130 deep tech venture funds which are allied to SanchiConnect. It will also enable the Orissa state startups to partner with more than 1000 startups which are using SanchiConnect to grow in their journey. The event, aimed at strengthening the deep tech support system in the country, was organised with the objective of forging partnerships with the local ecosystem for future support and funding opportunities for state startups. SanchiConnect which also runs Preseed Accelerator, supports early stage IP led products where they support companies with 75 Lakh upfront capital along with 3-6 month intensive Go-To-Market support. The representatives talked about the upcoming Fintech and Agritech cohort they are coming up with.

“The event in Bhubaneswar provided a unique opportunity for deep tech stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and explore new avenues of growth. We are committed to fostering an environment of exchange and building lasting relationships within the industry and state startup cells,” said Dr. Sunil Shekhawat, Co-Founder & CEO, SanchiConnect.

Since the joining of Mr. Omkar Rai as Executive Chairman of Startup Odisha, the state startup cell along with the government has taken many such initiatives to support the local ecosystem. In the deep tech domain, SanchiConnect is the largest institutional network of venture capital firms in India and this partnership with Odisha Startup Cell will benefit the startups in tapping both domestic and global funds.

With over 130 venture capital partners and the largest deep tech startup network across the country, SanchiConnect brings invaluable resources and expertise to support the growth of the ecosystem, making it an ideal partner for Odisha’s startup landscape.

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