Samata Kranti Dal,Utkal BharaT join hands to form Odisha Democratic Front

Bhubaneswar: Samata Kranti Dal and Utkal Bharat jointly announce the setting up of “Odisha Democratic Front”. In this connection while addressing a press meet, former Central Minister Braja Kishore Tripathy and President Utkal Bharat, Mahameghaban Aira Kharabela Swain, said that the main purpose of this front is to dethrone the inefficient and most corrupt Biju Janata Dal , which has been ruling Odisha for the last 18 years.
Biju Janata Dal which is ruling the state under the leadership of Nabin Pattnaik for the last 19 years has made Odisha from a poor state to a poorer state. This government having completely ignored industrialization, increase in productivity, elimination of unemployment, elimination of rampant corruption in Government offices, improvement in the standard of education, has focused solely on distribution of freebies. This has resulted in lakhs of odia being forced to migrate for livelihood to other states, for a pittance. The fate of the educated unemployed is similarly bleak. Because of lack of local skilled personnel in the state, the skilled labour of other states is pocketing these jobs. For lack of irrigation, introduction of new technologies, marketing facilities, the farmers of this state are leading a miserable life and committing suicides. Most of the hospitals in the state have insufficient number of doctors.
Odisha has been converted to a beggar’s state, because on the one hand the grants given by the Centre remain unutilized to the extent of 6000 crores, while on the other hand the state government is habitually standing with a begging bowl before the centre . The corruption existing in every government office has crossed all limits. The state is gradually getting defamed for rapes and atrocities on women. Even minors are getting pregnant in state run ashram schools. Odisha has lost its image before the nation, due to the arrest of ruling party’s M.P. & MLAs for corruption in mining and chit fund scams. Since enormous amount is required for free distribution, the sale of liquor is being increased and the resulting income utilized for this purpose. Because of weak economy of the state, the government has not hesitated to utilize the contingency funds for financing the PEETHA AND KALIA schemes, a step which no previous government has ever taken.
In the event of Odisha Democratic Front coming to power, it will expand industrialization, eradicate unemployment, remove the problems faced by the farmers, improve the law and order situation and give good governance to the state. The BJP led NDA and the Congress led UPA, by assisting this government have become the cause of Odisha’s unfortunate condition. The Odisha Democratic Front invites all anti BJD forces to join this front and strengthen its fight against corruption and bad governance.
President of Samata Kranti Dal’s President Prasanta Kumar Misra, Youth President Sarada Prasanna Swain, General Secretary Diganta Dey, Secretary Praval Samantaray and Utkal Bharat’s Vice President Loknath Sadhaangi, Vice President Rajendra Dalabehera, Vice President Sabitri Malik, State Secretary Kamilluddin Ahmed, Dalita Utkal Bharat State President Dilip Mallick, State youth Utkal Bharat President Jagdish Pradhan, Women Utkal Bharat President Sabitri Jena, Student Utkal Bharat President Pratyush Nayak etc were also present.

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